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Patience (or sometimes procrastination depending on how you look at it) is a virtue in this hobby/obsession.
I gotta agree with ibglowin. I made this kit and it took about a month longer than the kit said just because I was lazy. Stick with it because it's better than anything ive had at my local tom thumb.
Beautiful! How does it taste? Are you please with it?

<lovely kitchen, I might add>
I am making this kit for the second time. My wife really liked the first kit but usually drinks a pink or red muscato.
So with this kit I added about 3/4th Cup of red wine concentrate to the primary and added one box of golden raisins when I racked to secondary.
This is the first time I have made changes to a kit wine but have made several batches of mead and a batch of Dragon Blood (quad berry wine).
Hopefully it will come out ok.

An update on WE "Pink" Moscatto.

This is the second time making this kit, the original is good but my wife usually drinks a Pink Moscatto.
This time I added about 3/4 Cu of red grape juice concentrate and a box of golden raisins.
The raisins got broken up when it was degassed and it took a few weeks to clear well.
I am planning on racking one more time before bottling.
The wine was started in mid June and is about 5 wks old.
We had a glass last night and were pleased with the wine. It is young but not bitter and it has a nice flavor.
The red wine concentrate and raisins worked well with the kit. It is easily as good the first batch which is about 6 months old.
Will definitely do this mod again.
This is the first time I modified a kit and I am pleased with the results
having hard time finding the golden raisins you are all speaking of.

Never mind, thought it was something special- just regular Sun Maid Golden Raisins?
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have something better for you to try,making a standard grape FPAC out of a common seedless grape THOMPSON SEEDLESS GRAPES,it will add the body and some texture without distracting from the overall taste of the MOSCATO whether you make it dry,semi-dri or desert style the finish will be smoother and have a great mouthfeel.........try it...........:u










I was very surprised to find this pink muscat grapes at my local grocery store . Way to expensive to make wine , but it will make a nice grape pack . I will just freeze it for now . Maybe it is available at your grocery store too . :b

MOSCATO grapes

outstanding fine, I'll keep my eye out for the either at wegmens or whole foods thanks for the heads up. That's what you need to do keep your eyes open and thought pattern keyed into to your plan and good fines like this one will come into focus's ,make the FPAC and freeze them.:try..even if it's not in your plan at the moment it could be used in the future.
This is a great kit. In the recent Winemaker Magazine Competition eight people won medals with this kit, 2-gold, 1 silver and 5 bronze. My wife and I were one of the bronze winners.
About to start the limited pink moscato kit and very interested in adding the raisins. am I correct in understanding that this will take out some sweetness and improve mouthfeel or should I leave the kit alone being a pink kit?

leave out the raisins in this one but i would add a white grape FPAC to the mix,to the contrary of what you may hear a small FPAC of white grapes adds a different nuance to the over all texture of the wines structure, THIS kit will be sweet enough on iT's own,make sure you capitalize it and bring up the the primary to 1.10,that will help balance out the sweetness,at least that's my thoughts. THE REASON FOR THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE A BLUSH THAT YOUR WORKING WITH,NOT A PURE WHITE KIT,UNDERSTAND?

12 Moscato raisins.jpg
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Just reading through this thread and feeling a little more validated in my plan. I have a "cheap" moscato kit and am planning to add golden raisins on primary ferment + boost abv with honey.
May also add raisins to the secondary now that I'm reading through this. But the whole PH conversation has me pretty lost. I did just discover that I inherited pectin enzyme and a few other jars of powders with all this wine gear ... but after reading through too many threads still don't necessarily understand the practical use of these things. Should I worry about it or just go with the kit instructions + gut and taste?
Ok, just finished this kit for the wife the other day and had her taste it, she love it but wanted it a little sweeter. I had about a cup and a half of the f pack left in the fridge and added it to the carboy and as I expected it clouded up. It’s been 2 days and still cloudy should I just let nature take its course and clear or hit with another clarifier?

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