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  • Joe, have you ever timed two different yeast enoculations, say one to start primary and then another a day or two later, thinking D47 first and then V1116 a day or two later in a Sav Blanc, what do you think?
    I was thinking about adding Malo Culture to my Fontana Malbec. I racked it into the Secondary last night. Does MIF make the Malbec a better wine with smooth taste and better mouth feel? PLease let me know if this is over kill and not needed.
    Over kill not beneficial
    If I add it at the end, will it clear properly??? Do I add it all at the end when I add the Sorbate/Metabisulfate & clearing agent? Would LOVE to know since I am fairly new at all of this!! ThanQ you!!! Diana
    Hi Joe! I just found this website when looking on how to make an fpac. I have gone through as many of your posts as I can but I didn't find my question answered. I wanted to do a mixed berry Fpack. So I was going to cook it down, however, when do I add it? I want the fruitiness in the fpac to remain in the end I add it in 2nd fermentation?
    Just after you sauteed the mix add it directly into the primary
    Hey oak chip god,

    I have been referred to you regarding a question about oak chips. I have a raspberry wine that I'm considering adding oak to. I have no experience with oak chips.

    13.3% ABV
    27 liters.

    What's your take on this? What oak chips would you use?
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