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Made wine from Aronia & Autumn berries, pressed & drained bags of these thawed berries what a mess that was! I had enough juice to make a five-gallon batch of wine, started the wine on July 20, 2020 (SG 1.085) today the SG is .998, the wine was racked four times up to today and will be filtered just prior to bottling. This wine has beautiful ruby colour to it & is very velvety on the tongue.
Elayne Mott
What a challenge...never even heard of these berries, let alone had a recipe for making wine from them. Thanks all who gave me advice on these berries.
Hello All, I'm new to wine making, been at it 2 years and the first year was a fail. Last year I think needs a bit of help. My wine is nice and red and tastes nice BUT it has a very strong tingling/sparkling feeling to it. We bottled the wine after 6 months. One bottle exploded but the others didnt.. just that sparking sensation... how do I get rid of it please?
I have a large Grapevine in my house so I will start all over again this september.
Sounds to me like your wine with through malolactic fermentation in the bottle and you forgot to add enough sulfite before bottling. Similar to primary fermentation it produces carbon dioxide but it converts malic acid to lactic acid. It’s usually encouraged in red winemaking and commercial strains of bacteria can be added to your wine post primary fermentation.
To answer your question, the sparkling sensation is that your wine became carbonated in the bottle. To get rid of it you’d let the wine complete malolactic under an airlock, sulfite, and then bottle. Commercial strains of ML bacteria take between 2-4 months.
Dawg, Are you saying that you only use one quart of lemon juice until fermentation is finished and add the last two when fermentation is complete ? I start with one quart and add the second when SG reaches 1.04 and add the last quart after fermentation is complete. If I'm reading you correctly, only using one quart for fermentation would be a lot easier on the yeast because of less acidity.
yes i use only one per 6 gallons water to ferment , after ferment and before first rack , myself i add 5 more quarts, for my taste but 2 qts more is just fine as well,
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I'm going to give it a try on one batch and see how I like it . Thanks
I would like
The Complete Book of Winemaking by The American Wine Society
The Way to Make Wine by Sheridan Warrick

Thank you!
Thanks very much for the hints.