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Feb 19, 2020 at 6:04 PM
    1. David W Huey
      David W Huey
      Rubbing Alocohol Taste can u help!!!Having a issue with 2 batches coming out tasting like Rubbering alocohol curious if I'm going to have take total lost early stages I thought the was perfect now scared I never be able to bottled rubbing alocohol taste overwhelm ing ! 1. Strawberry apple base in a Cotes De Blanc yeast 2.appl pear pie base lalvin ec-118
    2. TyYoda
      Please email me the latest DB recipe version you are using to (never post your email in an open forum
    3. gabe
      I highly recommend the allinonewinepump. I bought the deluxe model and have been using it for 2 weeks now. Absolute the best piece of equipment in my wine cellar.
      Aside from racking/degassing/
      Filtering and bottling the best is there is no lifting of heavy carboys anymore.
    4. Ernest T Bass
      Ernest T Bass
      Dave, Bud here ! I've only been making wine for a little less than a year. I ony make fruit wine, no kits (well, I made one for a friend, not near as much fun as making it from scratch--IMHO.
      If you would like, I will send you my procedure. It's kinda like the good wine makers say on this forum, "you pick out what you like and throw the rest out" I think the most important part of making wine (well, maybe not the most important part, but close) is keeping good records of what, when and why. If I can help let me know and remember, I'm just like you, new to wine making and if I tell you something that is wrong, it won't be on purpose, it's just the way I do it and when I find out I'm doing something wrong, I change

      Semper Fi
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