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Jul 2, 2019
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Hi everyone,

How is it going? Hope you are doing fine.

I have made a red grape wine using Redstar yeast which stalled at 1030, Due to cooking up (misreading) with hydrometer readings, SG was 1190 then went down to 1100. I eventually realized my mistake and deluted it to 1070 which fermented down to 1030. and then just couldn't ferment further. Now, it is 4 weeks old stalled batch.

Experts from here (big slaute to them) helped me out to reach the max that Redstar can tolerate.

However, the batch has now reach this ending gravity and stalled. I have thought about having it as may be sweet wine, perferbaly fizzy cider, ( rather than just disposing it) but not dessert wine I suppose.

So, my question is, is 1030 away too sweet to drink ( I know this is a sort of individual preference, but we may agree on what is a standard sweet cider and what is away too undrinkable sweet wine/cider) according to the hydrometer readings?

If OK and acceptable , How can I have it as cider fizzy drink? What can be done to it prior to bottling?

Cheers for your great inputs and help in advance.

it can be restarted. take ec1118 yeast. get it fermenting with a yeast nutrient. add one cup of wine once fermenting add two cups of wine, once fermenting add 4 cups of wine continue in this manner doubling the amount of wine each time the batch is fermenting should be able to finish dry.

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