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    Very disappointing taste red grape wine

    Hi everyone, Your input really means a lot to me. I just need some clarification. I have batches that finally survived to 1.000 after a very long journey of cooking up and errors. I racked both into new carboys which eventually ended up with big spaces on the top. The whole story here. I...
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    Stalled red wine at 1030

    Hi everyone, How is it going? Hope you are doing fine. I have made a red grape wine using Redstar yeast which stalled at 1030, Due to cooking up (misreading) with hydrometer readings, SG was 1190 then went down to 1100. I eventually realized my mistake and deluted it to 1070 which fermented...
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    Newbie need help so urgent please

    Hi everyone, I'm just newbie at wine making. And I really cooked up . And I really need help to finalize the decision. Here is the situation, I started my first 2 5gals red grapes juice batches on 29th June. Batch 1: Redstar premier classique at 1170, 3 ts of tannin + 3 ts of nutrient. Batch...