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  1. B

    What to do with a reading of about 1.011 or nearly 0% potential for grape wine within a week?

    My Hydrometer is reading about 1.011 SG or 0% potential alcohol after only a few days of primary fermentation. I have three batches and the reading is just about the same for each. One batch is 11 days old, the other is 6 days and the last only 4 days. Never saw evidence of primary fermentation...
  2. M

    Hydrometer reading has increased after fermentation...

    Hi, I'm new to wine making and I've come across a problem. I started off with 20 litres of orange juice and 3kgs of white sugar, some cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom pods, I added 20 grams of champagne yeast and have been letting it ferment for, now total, 3 weeks. I measured the...
  3. V

    Strawberry Wine: Faulty Fermenter

    Hey there! I’m new to the community & this is also my first attempt at making wine. A couple questions: 1. I got everything added to my Big Mouth Bubbler and then found out the lid won’t stay attached. It keeps popping off. Will it mess everything up if I siphon it to a different 1 gallon...
  4. M

    Stalled red wine at 1030

    Hi everyone, How is it going? Hope you are doing fine. I have made a red grape wine using Redstar yeast which stalled at 1030, Due to cooking up (misreading) with hydrometer readings, SG was 1190 then went down to 1100. I eventually realized my mistake and deluted it to 1070 which fermented...
  5. H

    Digital/Wireless Hydrometer - iSpindel, Tilt or Plaato?

    Hi everyone, I'm really interested to know if anyone here already used one of those tech Hydrometer: - iSpindel - Tilt - Plaato If so, what's your experience with these products? Thanks.
  6. Kel Milner

    Tilt wireless hydrometer and thermometer.

    Is anyone using one or more of these? My wife is always on the lookout for Christmas gifts and thought this might be a good addition to my wine making equipment. However everything I’ve read refers to it’s use in beer worts not wine musts. The convenience and detail look pretty impressive but I...
  7. S

    HUGE assortment of wine making supplies pick up in Newton OR I will ship for postage

    I am in Newton NC and prefer pick up but will ship in some cases for postage. I prefer to sell as a lot with exception of the All In One Pump I will send pics on request because I forgot how to post here Clean de-labeled, sanitizer (some filled w/t-cap attached) wine bottles 5 1500ml 2 clear 3...
  8. M

    Help! BRIX and Hydrometer don't imply same thing!

    Hello everyone, I am a UK girl making wine in a very small family inherited vineyard only 100 vines in France. This is my third year, year 1 was a disaster, year 2 is drinkable and I am in the middle of year 3. This wine is for home consumption only. I hope you learned people will be...
  9. W

    Stuck? No start SG so how can tell???

    Can anyone help? I'm on my 3rd (and possibly final) attempt at making a wine. I have gone for a sweet Nettle Wine as per CJJ Berry's First Steps book. It was all looking good until 2 weeks after the first racking the fermentation has slowed then seemingly stopped - no more bubbles for about 5...