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  1. Nicholas DiNapoli

    For Sale Well Maintained Wine Making Equipment near Jersey Shore

    I have a well maintained and clean large capacity Italian basket Press (hand crank) with blocks, Clean and well maintained Italian Hand crank crusher/destemmer, Large capacity black fermentation bin in perfect condition, all for sale for $500 ($2,000+ when new!). I have lots of other wine...
  2. Leonardo D'Alessandro

    Painted Wine Press

    My father painted my wine press using Tremclad pain. I believe this was a mistake and am looking for input. I'm very reluctant to use it given it was painted; does the community have any thoughts on the risks? Also, if I grind it off do you think that is godo enough? my press is cast iron and...
  3. B

    What to do with a reading of about 1.011 or nearly 0% potential for grape wine within a week?

    My Hydrometer is reading about 1.011 SG or 0% potential alcohol after only a few days of primary fermentation. I have three batches and the reading is just about the same for each. One batch is 11 days old, the other is 6 days and the last only 4 days. Never saw evidence of primary fermentation...
  4. m_kluch

    Unorthodox Blueberry Wine Recipe and Procedure- Thoughts?

    Met a couple on the 4th of July that brought over a homemade bottle of blueberry wine to the party. Got to talking and this is what they told me about their recipe and procedure. Ingredients list 9lb frozen wild blueberries 12.5lb sugar Water 1 packet Red Star Premier Classique 1 packet Red Star...
  5. jkim888

    Cold Crash Wine Gone Wrong. Retrying again. Long read.

    Hello Folks, I'm new here. I'm still quite an amature home wine maker. But I can say I have experience with making dry reds and whites. Last month, I had a pail of frozen juice from an online vendor, a Muscat to make Moscato. I wanted to make a Moscato with 5-6% ABV with high sugar. Which at...
  6. C

    Wine base concentrate troubles

    So this is my first time trying out a concentrated wine base. I got to the point where it tells me to add a campden tablet and the potassium sorbate and wait for it to clear. It suggested about 1 week for it to clear but 5 weeks later it still looks like when I first started it. Should I...
  7. oliver

    White stuff on my wine? Spoiled?

    Hello, im doing my first batch of wine this year. everything went fine during Fermentation and MLF. After MLF finnished i racked the wine into a carboy and put some KMeta in. now there is some white stuff on top? What is this? Its barely visible without Flash. Also sinc i put the carboy in my...
  8. J

    Fast ferment question's

    I just recently got a 3 gal fast ferment connical fermenter fory birthday. I'm thinking about returning it and getting 3 gallon carboys. I mostly do wines from fresh frozen fruit and I think they produce too much sediment for the connical fermenter to work correctly. What's everyone else's...
  9. Tomich Icons

    Tomich Icons

    W.C. Fields once said “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” How do you like to eat?
  10. Leo Beck

    Leo Beck

    Hello. I'm experienced certified sommelier, also recognized as one of the top sommeliers in the region. Wine is my life!
  11. R

    Is that normal??

    Ok so i decided to make my really first wine so it's juice of orange (red one) and added some sugar and yeast like i read at the net forst day a yellow/white thong appeard in the top of the recipient (u can see the residu is still) after one week it fall to the bottom and today it looked like...
  12. M

    Iridescent Spots on Year in Bottle Blackberry Wine

    Hi everyone I'm new here and couldn't find an answer through other peoples questions so I thought I'd ask. I have a bottle of Blackberry wine I made in February of 2020. I made it from full Blackberry's pureed and strained through cheese cloth, and some lemon juice. Primary and secondary went...
  13. Davielovesgravy

    Other Recommendations for wine kit to suit my price range and taste please??

    Hi all, I am looking for some recommendations for cheaper 30 bottle wine kits that may suit my taste please. I want cheaper as I am out of work at the mo so times are a bit tight. The only wine kits I’ve made so far are the MYO white and red kits from The Range, they were both ok, drinkable...
  14. peter.povy

    Green fungi during red wine fermentation

    Hello, I'm tring to make my first red wine. Now it's the second week of fermentation and when I made a small control of the wine I noticed a few, small (2-4mm), green color particles. Is this a mold contamination? Smell of the wine is fine. What should I do now? Thank you Peter
  15. T

    IPA Oats Technique applied to Wine

    Hey, I'm new to the forum, but I've lurked here for a bit, since I first got interested in winemaking. I've made a few good batches of wine, all made from juice as a base, but with various additional ingredients, and I've also made mead, and thought it would be cool to try something new. What...
  16. B

    Need help with stalled fermentation (tricky)

    I’m taking over winemaking this year for my father for the first time (medical issues-memory), and having an issue with what seems like a stalled fermentation. We’re making Alicante from grapes, crushed and initially 19 Brix, added sugar and brought up to 22 Brix, then fermentation started...
  17. M

    Mustang Grape Wine

    Hello! First-timer here! I'm fermenting about 1.8 gallons (juice and skins) of Mustang Wine in an 8 gallon fermenting bucket. Ingredients: Mustang Grapes, 8 lbs Granulated Sugar, 2 lbs Boilding Water, 5 pints Campden Tablet, 1 crushed Pectic Enzyme, 1tsp Yeast 7/28/20 around midnight Starting...
  18. T

    Racking Wine?

    Can you store your wine in mason jars or does that not give a good enough seal?
  19. Davielovesgravy

    Help with Carbonating Elderflower Champagne please

    Im in need of A bit of help for my Elderflower Sparkly wine/champagne please. I am about a week into fermenting 23L and I just took a sample, the SG is now at 1010, it tastes lovely and it is still bubbling every 30secs or so. My question is about the carbonation, I want it nice and fizzy so...
  20. T

    How do I taste my wine while it’s fermenting?

    If I remove the lid and pour it into a glass will oxygen ruin the rest of the wine? Or does that only happen if it’s exposed for a long time to oxygen? Thank you!!!