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    Racking Wine?

    Can you store your wine in mason jars or does that not give a good enough seal?
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    Help with Carbonating Elderflower Champagne please

    Im in need of A bit of help for my Elderflower Sparkly wine/champagne please. I am about a week into fermenting 23L and I just took a sample, the SG is now at 1010, it tastes lovely and it is still bubbling every 30secs or so. My question is about the carbonation, I want it nice and fizzy so...
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    How do I taste my wine while it’s fermenting?

    If I remove the lid and pour it into a glass will oxygen ruin the rest of the wine? Or does that only happen if it’s exposed for a long time to oxygen? Thank you!!!
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    How do I taste my wine while it’s fermenting?

    If I remove the lid and pour some into a glass does that allow to much oxygen in to the fermenting wine? Or is oxygen only a problem if it’s exposed for a long period of time?
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    Favorite Wine tracking app

    hi all, Just wanted to share a little side thing I worked on, a webapp where you can take a photo of a particular wine you like and save it with a description. It's just a neat way to remember wines you really enjoyed over the months and years. At this point its really bare-bones, but I would...
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    Calculate The Amount Of Yeast And PH

    Hi First i need say thank you that shares your experience to me. Second I have 2 question 1- My first question is Calculate the amount of yeast for making wine. So I went to this website and so they write “yeast rate addition” in index of...
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    Sparkling without disgorging?

    So I'd planned on making a sparkling pineapple wine in the champagne style, but recently realized that our tiny freezer (it's the kind where the freezer is just a drawer under the regular fridge) won't fit bottles upside down. So I can't really do the whole riddling and disgorging method usually...
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    Minimum maturation time for fruit wine

    I'm looking for the minimum amount of time I can age a fruit wine that still tastes great. Is there a point in the aging process where they hit deminishing returns, beyond which they don't improve much? Thanks :)
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    Best British plum for wine?

    Hi there Anyone have an oppinion on which type of plum or combination of different types makes the nicest wine? Thanks :) Barney
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    How long is TOO long to leave in primary fermentation?

    This is my first time making wine from fruit. I made from a kit once before and it turned out amazing, but I am now attempting to make from real fruit. I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with fermentation and worry my wine might be ruined. Here is what has happened: I made my wine...
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    Can this be a workable Passive wine cellar/shed

    Good Day everyone, first time posting here. I'm interested in starting to make my own wine prob around 50 gallons to start with. We use to make wine almost every year until my grandfather passed a few years ago and I would like to continue this tradition. I have a small shed located in the...
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    Brewing Additives Timeline reference for begginers.

    Hi All, I (like many other newbies out there) really have no idea when to add what, and what goes with what, and how much time I shall wait after I have added "what" (the element) etc.. until I end up with a ready to consume product. Therefore, I wanted to take the initiative to start this...
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    Blueberry wine fermentation guidance

    I am new to winemaking. I have made wine once before, but it was from a kit. I recently began making blueberry wine from fresh blueberries. I am currently in the primary fermentation phase, or so I think. When I added my smashed blueberries and sugar, I got my specific gravity to 1.096 before...
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    Stalled red wine at 1030

    Hi everyone, How is it going? Hope you are doing fine. I have made a red grape wine using Redstar yeast which stalled at 1030, Due to cooking up (misreading) with hydrometer readings, SG was 1190 then went down to 1100. I eventually realized my mistake and deluted it to 1070 which fermented...
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    Newbie need help so urgent please

    Hi everyone, I'm just newbie at wine making. And I really cooked up . And I really need help to finalize the decision. Here is the situation, I started my first 2 5gals red grapes juice batches on 29th June. Batch 1: Redstar premier classique at 1170, 3 ts of tannin + 3 ts of nutrient. Batch...
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    Elderflower wine help!

    hi! I’m trying to make a batch of elderflower wine (completely new to this!) following the process below. My wine’s currently fermenting in a wine bucket and it still seems fizzy, it’s been in there for 3 weeks. Should I take it out and bottle it now? Can I bottle it in a flip top bottle...
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    free wine bottles

    100 bottles for wine in my shed, 100 bottles for wine... free for p/u in Charleston, SC
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    Primary fermentation stuck?

    Hi, newbie here. I have done a couple of batches from kits before, no problem. This is my first improvised batch of 6 gallons from fresh wine juice (not concentrate) shipped from Italy. Starting SG was 1.072. Added two packets of K1-V1116 (directly into must, which I now realize was a...
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    Too hasty! Need a little advice

    I am making pear wine and following a recipe where you simmer the fruit, strain onto sugar, leave to cool and add yeast when it’s ‘blood temperature’ I tested it with my finger after a while and it seemed fine - added yeast and stirred. As I stirred I realise my silly mistake - just because...

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