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  1. tradowsk

    Cider not carbonating

    I made cider with fresh apple juice (UV pasteurized, no preservatives) from my local market. Pitched EC1118 on 9/22, fermented dry, cleared with superkleer. I then added a can of apple juice concentrate and bottled in flip-tops. I also filled a 20oz plastic pop bottle as a tester that I can use...
  2. Amandolin

    Apple wine and ... cider wine? ;-)

    Today I started a slight variation on Apfelwein (see pic for my recipe/notes) I’m planning to try the same concept in my other 3 gal carboy but with cider and dark brown sugar. Anybody have any recommendations for additions? I was wondering if it would benefit from adding... - Golden...
  3. tradowsk

    Hard cider TOSNA issue

    I got a gallon of fresh pressed cider from my local orchard (UV pasteurized, but otherwise completely natural). I'm making a hard cider with it and was going to follow the TOSNA-3 schedule to add nutrients since I read cider wouldn't have all the nutrients needed for yeast (EC-1118). My OG was...
  4. M

    Stalled red wine at 1030

    Hi everyone, How is it going? Hope you are doing fine. I have made a red grape wine using Redstar yeast which stalled at 1030, Due to cooking up (misreading) with hydrometer readings, SG was 1190 then went down to 1100. I eventually realized my mistake and deluted it to 1070 which fermented...
  5. gethighonyourownsupply

    Apple wine/Cider without apple press

    Hi all, hopefully this is the right place and I haven't missed any relevant threads when I searched. I have about 1.5kg of (currently diced & frozen) apples I'm hoping to make into Cider or Apple wine but don't have a press. I'm hoping to make 4-5 litres as I have a nice 5L demijohn I'd like to...
  6. Forager

    Apple cider restarted fermenting?

    Hi guys, Got a bit of a weird situation. So I made a 3 gallon batch of apple cider last October and everything went smoothly. It's still in the secondary carboy now (March 17th) and I was planning to bottle it today. However I noticed that there are suddenly bubbles coming up again. Not a lot...
  7. Forager

    bulk aging with low abv

    Hi guys, Question for any cider enthusiasts, couple of things actually. So I decided I wanted to go for a lower abv batch of cider this year, something more easy-drinking. Anyway just racked my three gallon batch to a carboy to age till spring and I'm a bit concerned that the abv might...