Skip final campden tablets if carbonating wine/cider?

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Oct 29, 2020
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I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere but I haven't been able to find a clear answer.

I'm bottling cider and some dry fruit wines. I want to carbonate my 5 gal batch of cider basically like a beer (2.5 volumes of CO2) and it seems fairly straightforward using a calculator. I'm thinking roughly 5.25 ounces of brown sugar. It's getting bottled in swing tops.

I also want to lightly carbonate at least a few bottles of the wines. Fermentation is completely done and my original plan was to add one campden tablet per gallon before bottling to help prevent oxidation/spoilage, etc.

This raises the question of how these two ideas coexist: adding campden tablets prior to bottling - and carbonating (via sugar priming) in a bottle. Intuitively it would seem like you can't do both. So should I be adding a campden tablet per gallon of cider or wine before bottling? Wouldn't that prevent carbonating in the bottle? Follow up question, if I'm supposed to NOT add campden tablets when I plan to carbonate... then are the campden tablets necessary at all? Why would they be necessary in still wine but not needed when carbonating?

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