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  1. KnottyKidsFarm

    Skip final campden tablets if carbonating wine/cider?

    I'm sure this has been addressed somewhere but I haven't been able to find a clear answer. I'm bottling cider and some dry fruit wines. I want to carbonate my 5 gal batch of cider basically like a beer (2.5 volumes of CO2) and it seems fairly straightforward using a calculator. I'm thinking...
  2. H

    Forgot campden tablets before bottling

    Last night I was bottling my wine and forgot to add campden tablets before bottling 😬 can I pour back into carboy, add campden, and rebottle? If so, should I let it sit for a few days or can I rebottle right after?
  3. M

    Floating campden tablets crush, is safe?

    Hi chaps, I had added campden tablets to my 5 gallons batches after crushing them and making them as fine as possible. Unfortunately, did not think of dissolving them into water before adding them to the batches (red and white). Now, it's been two weeks and after several rackings, the powder...
  4. M

    Brewing Additives Timeline reference for begginers.

    Hi All, I (like many other newbies out there) really have no idea when to add what, and what goes with what, and how much time I shall wait after I have added "what" (the element) etc.. until I end up with a ready to consume product. Therefore, I wanted to take the initiative to start this...
  5. C

    Banana Wine - need some advice plz

    I'm making my second batch of banana wine... Batch-1 came out dry...and less flavor...but i liked it...i finished it without racking it as soon as primary completed.... Batch-2 around 4 lbs of banana using... Primary fermentation going great (that's what I believe) Experts Plz clarify do i...
  6. ringmany

    Can I restart fermentation after adding campden tablets?

    Hi everyone, I decided to start making 'Joes ancient orange mead (Mike's Modern). I added all the ingredients, using D-47 yeast. I then left it, along with another grape mead for 3 months. The grape mead turned out fine...
  7. C

    Pill Crusher

    For those of you that use campden tablets, this little thing is great:'-Crush/ID=prod6002642&navCount=0&navAction=push-product I typically do 5 gallon batches which calls for 5 campden tablets, it crushes all 5 with a simple...
  8. Tall Grass

    Absolutely necessary to use campden tablets?

    I'm mixing up a batch of welchs concentrate tonight but with the addition of half-kilo of raisins (in the freezer right now.) When I thaw them out I'll be dumping boiling water onto them in the primary bucket... shouldn't the boiling water do what campden tablets do to kill...