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Jul 2, 2019
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Hi All,

I (like many other newbies out there) really have no idea when to add what, and what goes with what, and how much time I shall wait after I have added "what" (the element) etc.. until I end up with a ready to consume product.

Therefore, I wanted to take the initiative to start this thread to help (as a reference ) anyone is in my situation. What do you think ?

The idea is to digest the valuable information in this website specially this forum (additives forum) in an illustrated timeline for additives and fining agents.

Basically, to point out in which Phase ( primary, secondary fermentation or in the aging period) should the additive be added and how much time shall the brewer wait and what to do next.

The timeline guide is only meant for additives and fining agents. I.e. users can use it with pre-knowledge of sterilizing, yeast pitching and fermentation process. it can also be used as checklist may be ? sounds good huh ?

I understand it is kind of broad and fiddly info. and depends on what you are making. But with the knowledge and the experience the experts in this website have will make it a way easier and straight forward. Or at least to timelining the fundamental agents from the start all the way to the serving time. such as: pectic enzymes, nutrients, tannings, campden tablets, sparkalloid, bentonite, sorbates etc...

(Attached is a paradigm which I have done as an example. Please be sure that the filled info is only as an example until edited by an expert.)

Volunteering? Lovely :)
Please DM me so I can send you the original file for you to edit/fill and post it.

Thank you for your great help and support,



  • Brewing time line sample 2.pdf
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Apr 18, 2014
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Sierra Foothills, Nor Cal
I’ve never done a kit, so I’ll do my take on a red wine made from grapes.

Harvest grapes
Destem and crush immediately
Add 50 ppm SO2 immediately
Let sit for 24 hours
Do fermentation to the below protocol (example of 440 pounds red grapes)
When brix = 0, press
Let wine settle for 24 hours
Rack into barrel/container
Add mlb nutrient and mlb
Rack and add SO2 (to pH level) when mlf completed
Top and test SO2 every 6 weeks barrel, 3 months carboy, oak to desired level
Optional rack 9 months after fermentation completed
Rack and add SO2 1-3 days prior to bottling, 12-18 months after fermentation completed
I’m not a fan of adding anything to the wine unless it is fixing something that I don’t like. Enzymes, fining agents, tannin...aren’t necessary if you get good fruit to start and are patient

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