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Jul 23, 2017
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Hi guys,

Question for any cider enthusiasts, couple of things actually.

So I decided I wanted to go for a lower abv batch of cider this year, something more easy-drinking. Anyway just racked my three gallon batch to a carboy to age till spring and I'm a bit concerned that the abv might actually be a bit too low to safely age for a long period of time? My abv is between the 4 to 4.5% mark. Anyone have experience with this? Should I get them into bottles and drink them sooner than later?

Second question. I used Lalvin EC-1118 for this batch because I was unable to get K1V-1116 (which made a fantastic cider for me last year). After fermentation was finished, I read that EC-1118 tends to blow the apple flavours out of the cider, and having tasted a bit when I racked I can confirm that is true. Anybody know if the apple flavours tend to come back a bit after aging? I'd be sad if I was stuck with this weak flavored cider after the work that went into it...
Not sure on aging question with the lower alcohol. Cider I typically would always drink well within a year anyway, so I wouldn't run into the question of aging.
For the apple flavour, if you intend to sweeten it up at all, use frozen apple juice concentrate from grocery store. Will give you the sweetness with some apple flavour.
People bulk age beer of about that ABV. I bulk aged one of my first batches for a couple months with no ill effects. Just be extra careful with cleaning and sanitizing.
As long as you have a good pH and add K-Meta you should be safe. Might be a little extra careful in sanitizing when racking but other than that it shold be fine. I agree though - how you going to resist a good cider for that long? I personally don't think the taste will improve enough to warrant that. Back-sweeten and enjoy it now.

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