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  1. Mango Madness

    Yeast Amount in My Wine

    I currently have a 60L brew of Watermelon and Strawberries. The yeast which was CL23 says one pack per 25L but I have only put one pack for the 60L brew. I believe the yeast grow? Will it get itself to the right level needed or am I slowing down fermentation? It seems to be bubbling away nicely.
  2. J

    Add more yeast?

    I just added rehydrated cider yeast to my pear wine must and realized the temperature was still close to 110! Yikes! How will I know if it i killed it? If I wait 24 hours to see activity will I have to reheat my must (no campden here) to kill off any possible wild yeast? Will it hurt to add...
  3. M

    Hydrometer reading has increased after fermentation...

    Hi, I'm new to wine making and I've come across a problem. I started off with 20 litres of orange juice and 3kgs of white sugar, some cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom pods, I added 20 grams of champagne yeast and have been letting it ferment for, now total, 3 weeks. I measured the...
  4. tradowsk

    Yeast Alcohol Tolerance

    A question I've had but never really found a good answer for: what happens to yeast when they reach their alcohol tolerance? Do they start dying off? Or do they just go dormant? For example, say I had a wine where the yeast reached their tolerance and stopped fermenting even though there was...
  5. B

    Need help with stalled fermentation (tricky)

    I’m taking over winemaking this year for my father for the first time (medical issues-memory), and having an issue with what seems like a stalled fermentation. We’re making Alicante from grapes, crushed and initially 19 Brix, added sugar and brought up to 22 Brix, then fermentation started...
  6. T

    Blanc du Bois Yeast not active

    Morning everyone, I recently got Blanc du bois grape juice this past weekend and ended up inoculating them with ec118 on Sunday. 2 of my five gallon containers are fermenting away, and 2 of them are complete duds. Any recommendations for next steps? We’ve hit it with a yeast nutrient to...
  7. G

    How do i know if my yeast is working?

    First time making wine. How can i know if my yeast is working or not? It has been 20 hours since i started it. I followed the instructions from the kit. But im just wondering should there be more bubbles or what should i see? Also my lid for my primary fermentor doesnt have a hole for an air...
  8. P

    Does yeast nutrients increase the taste and quality of wine?

    I started a few batches of wine in 2018 with fresh high quality grapes and they came out great, much better than your average $5 bottle of wine. I did not use any yeast nutrients though. Do yeast nutrients improve the taste and quality of wine? Would it be worth adding to my next batch?
  9. A

    Calculate The Amount Of Yeast And PH

    Hi First i need say thank you that shares your experience to me. Second I have 2 question 1- My first question is Calculate the amount of yeast for making wine. So I went to this website and so they write “yeast rate addition” in index of...
  10. V


    I have the opportunity to make pumpkin wine, but i have found myself without yeast! I'm home only 2 days a week and it's now or never for it, and i was thinking maybe i can add some already fermenting wine to it? Would it successfully start a new colony? How much should i need to add ? Has...
  11. DocDRB

    First go at California cabernet from grapes

    So I live in St. Louis Missouri. For the last few years I have been picking fresh Chambourcin grapes from a friends vineyard in Illinois. This year because of the odd weather his crop was pretty wrecked So we ordered some Kings River California Cabernet grapes. My first time making a Cabernet...
  12. C

    Primary fermenter: Fizzing but not foamy after 72 hours?

    Hello. First timer here. I am using the wine eclipse kit with grape skins. 6 gallons in 8 gallon plastic bucket with lid and airlock from Master Vinter. I see mixed advice for covered v. uncovered but decided to airlock it for my first go. Followed directions to a T I believe. Pitched the...
  13. Rusty Nesmith


    I have been watching videos on YouTube. Tim Vandergrift and one other. Both of them stirred everything in very good except the yeast. They both poured the yeast on top and left it. Do you not stir in the yeast?
  14. K


    I can’t believe it but I forgot to kill the wild yeast. We picked, I added pectin enzyme and optional-red, waited a day then activated purchased yeast and go-ferm this evening and added it to the grapes . Then realized I never killed the wild yeast. What do I do?
  15. sremick

    Your preferred yeast for raspberry wine?

    So I am being gifted enough frozen raspberries for a batch of wine. Since this is a one-off, there won't be rounds for experimenting so I'd like to do as best as I can the first time around. What would your choice be for a yeast to use? My research has turned up preferences all over the place...
  16. jgmillr1

    Effect of alcohol on yeast

    The topic occasionally comes up about re-using yeast from one batch of wine to another. While it can be done successfully at low alcohol levels, it becomes more problematic toward the end of fermentation as the increasing ethanol concentration affects the yeast. I found this concise sketch and...
  17. mjenkins

    Best Yeast for Pinot Noir

    I'm about to start a kit (Wine Expert Eclipse Pinot Noir). The kit came with LALVIN RC212 as the yeast. I've used the same yeast before with different kits and have had acceptable (bronze medal) results. The RC212 seems like a solid choice but I am curious if there is a better (gold medal)...
  18. mjenkins

    Specific Gravity Question

    I prepared my must according to kit instructions, added my grape skins pack and stirred vigorously. I took the initial SG reading of 1.080. I took the reading twice to make sure I had it correct. I decided to use a different yeast than came with the kit because I like to play with things. I...
  19. J

    What to do after the first Fermentation?

    I am looking to start producing my own wine from grape juice to start. I have done lots of research and only have a few questions before starting. After the first fermentation (5-7 days) and the yeast begins to die and settle. Should I pour the wine into a new container to remove the dead yeast...
  20. Obelix

    Enoferm Syrah for Zinfandel

    Hi everyone Can Enoferm Syrah be used for Zinfandel? I used it last year for Shiraz (crushed around 300kg), and it turned out pretty good. This is my second year of wine making and I have a glimmer of hope that I can get Zinfandel this year instead of Shiraz. Have nearly a kilo of Enoferm...