Primary fermenter: Fizzing but not foamy after 72 hours?

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Oct 17, 2019
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Hello. First timer here. I am using the wine eclipse kit with grape skins. 6 gallons in 8 gallon plastic bucket with lid and airlock from Master Vinter. I see mixed advice for covered v. uncovered but decided to airlock it for my first go.

Followed directions to a T I believe. Pitched the yeast in must at 72*F and starting SG of 1.080. It was foaming for a couple days but 72 hours after pitching yeast, the wine stopped foaming but is fizzing. I have it in my basement where it is consistently 65-68*F room temp. I measured the SG at 1.040 and temperature was at 74*F so that’s a positive sign. I open it twice a day, stirring gently one time. My question is, even though it isn’t no longer foaming but fizzing, is it still fermenting? Should I just let it be and check SG and temp in a few days? Thanks!
Pretty much the same thing happened with my Miracle wine kit. You see it fizzle.. all the CO2 being released, but no foaming.

Everything ended up being fine and it fermented dry I think in less than 7 days.

You're fine..
Different yeast and wine combinations will produce different results. Some foam a boatload, other next to nothing.

As CMASON said - go by that hydrometer - that's the only sure way to know if and how much progress it's making.

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