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  1. Davielovesgravy

    Other Get the best out of SG Platinum Cab Sauv kit

    Howdy all you wonderful squiffers. I’ve just put a highly recommended Solomon Grundy Platinum Cabernet Sauvignon kit on to ferment and just wondered if anyone has any tips for getting the very best out of this particular kit please? Mainly fermenting time, checking after 5days and bottling in...
  2. Rusty Nesmith


    Well I started today. I cleaned and sanitized everything. Followed all of the steps for day one. It was a 10L kit. I read the post here about making cheap wine better and also watched YouTube videos on it. I filled it up to five gallons and checked it with the hydrometer and it was 1200. That...
  3. C

    Primary fermenter: Fizzing but not foamy after 72 hours?

    Hello. First timer here. I am using the wine eclipse kit with grape skins. 6 gallons in 8 gallon plastic bucket with lid and airlock from Master Vinter. I see mixed advice for covered v. uncovered but decided to airlock it for my first go. Followed directions to a T I believe. Pitched the...
  4. V

    Elderflower wine help!

    hi! I’m trying to make a batch of elderflower wine (completely new to this!) following the process below. My wine’s currently fermenting in a wine bucket and it still seems fizzy, it’s been in there for 3 weeks. Should I take it out and bottle it now? Can I bottle it in a flip top bottle...