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  1. FrameofLightDesigner

    Whoopsie Daisy

    Yeah, so, one of the first wines I made was a cucumber-citrus-ginger wine backsweetened with agave. My calculations were slightly off, and I ended up with 26% ABV. My question is, is there anything I can do at this point to cut this in half?
  2. T

    Step Feeding Sugar

    Are there any detailed instructions on how to step feed sugar without using a hydrometer? Can anyone provide a link to a recipe or “protocol” for a beginner? Instructions that I can follow without measuring specific gravity? I’m interested in making fruit wines. But I have not bought...
  3. S

    Muntons OG

    Does anyone know the Original Gravity for the Muntons Rose 4.5L wine kit. I have my FG 1.010 which won't change so I've added the finings etc. Now forgetting to take the OG I want to get the ABV. Surely the OG would be standard for a kit. 450g Brewing Sugar 1 Gallon Water Thanks
  4. Forager

    bulk aging with low abv

    Hi guys, Question for any cider enthusiasts, couple of things actually. So I decided I wanted to go for a lower abv batch of cider this year, something more easy-drinking. Anyway just racked my three gallon batch to a carboy to age till spring and I'm a bit concerned that the abv might...
  5. H

    Ideal ABV

    Hey everyone, I am still learning a lot about wine making and have a question. Is there an ideal ABV to shoot for? I am noticing that most wines I purchase are in the single digits but the last batch that I just put in the secondary is about 13.5% at this point. Will that much alcohol keep...
  6. Becks the Elder

    Hydrometers, Refractometers,Brix, SG & abv. Conversions.

    Hydrometers, Refractometers, Brix, SG & abv. Conversions. Hi everyone, I have been using my hydrometer and taking readings and then subtracting the finishing SG from the starting SG and dividing by 7.36 to get the abv. I have recently been toying with the idea of buying a refractometer so...
  7. Tall Grass

    First big lesson I've learned..

    Before I jumped into making wine I read plenty of tips, recipes and anecdotes about making this alcoholic beverage. But it always bugged me that people would commonly say that too much alcohol would ruin a wine. So I've made a few 1 gallon batches with lalvin 1118 at 16% and 17% and now...