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Dec 24, 2008
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Anyone get any mullberries this year. I've got about 15 gallons and there still falling here in Michigan.
And what do you plan on doing with them...???:h
I picked 10 lbs last Wednesday and hopefully will get more today soon. We had a big storm here with lots of wind that blew most of the fruit offthe tree so I lost alot but there were a lot more unripe fruit on the tree still so hopefully they have ripened. I havwe a recipe for them in the recipe area of the forum which I have made before and comes out great.
There is only one thing to do with them. Ferment. I cant think of anything else. :d
Mullberries are a little like a week blueberry in taste sort of and look like a smaller version of a Blackberry. I like the results I get from Rec Star Pastuer Red on this.
There used to be alot of mulberry trees growing in peoples yards around our small town. Over the years they just ended up cut down, so now I don't know of any. I have down some house plans for a local contractor that is a mulberry nut.
He is constantly grafting and cross pollinating to make different types of mulberry trees. I should check and see if he's got any with berries on them.
Mulberries are one fruit I miss. I used to love to pick and eat them as a kid. Birds really love them to and then target your car with purple poop that would leave a permanent stain in the paint if you didn't wash it pretty quick due to the acid in the berries.

My folks have a winemaking paradise. Too bad I live 800 miles away. They have hundreds of fruit trees with apples, pears, peaches, cherries, plums, persimmons, and mulberries. They have hundreds of blackberry and raspberry bushes. Wild strawberries are everywhere and numerous Concord grape vines dot their property. Mom has a huge Rhubarb patch as well.
Yes where do they live. I may move there lol. Sounds great smurfe.
I just started a 1 gallon of Mulberry. I forgot the tree by the garage was damaged in the ice storm 4 years ago. It took several weeks to finally get 5 lbs. So that went in the must and I pitched the yeast today. Not sure if I will like it or not but I couldn't pass on the free fruit.
Tight wad Steve
Yeah, I guess we're not going to hear where the parents live!! All that bountiful booty!
800 miles,,, that's just a good hard ride on the Goldwing.. A day up, a day picking,,, a day back. Kinda sounds like a road trip!!
I will follow in my truck lol.:h After I sober up that is!! Wait a minute, what happened to smurfe??:)
Go my Muloberry/Marionberry blend going today. The Marionberry is very close to the taste of Mullberries and thats what I wanted to picked up a can of this Vintners Harvest and whipped up a 3 gallon batch. I Po-Pooed the Marionberry many times over the years as the 1st time I tried it it seemed very weak but this time it had a nice flavor to it. Maybe they upped the amount of fruit in there now or maybe I had a cold the first time. I ruined that batch as I switched from campden tablets to pwder then and over sulfited the hell out of it. It was my firts year of wine making and was a lesson learned. his batch should be really nice as I added 12 lbs of Mulberries to this batch so the flaor should be really nice and I saved 6 lbs for an fpac.

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