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  • Sorry Wade. I wasn't sure how to start just a simple post to a group.

    A few numbers. This is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Master Vintner.

    Starting SG: 1.096
    Racked: 1.020 (7 days)
    Current SG: 0.992
    Temp: 76F
    Start date: 12/11/19
    Today's date: 12/22/19

    - Was the drop in SG a little fast?
    - Can I leave it alone for awhile or should I degas, stabilize, and clear now? I'm in no hurry.
    I started a batch of wine the starting brix was 21.5 and now is 6.3 when is it ok to transfer to carboy. Does it need to be zero I'm new at this
    Thanks Wade. I want to see where this goes first before avertising. IE how many people from my area come to this site as my store is way north so shipping does not make any sense for most people. I will contribute and help where I can. RBJ222
    I made the Choc. Strawberry Port back in August, just tasted it for the first time with my BIL and SIL from a 5 gallon batch. I told them I'd probably bottle it for Christmas. They said I needed to make another batch.......immediately.........because they were probably going to hijack the whole carboy.
    was thinkin about buying the vacuum pump the all in one and saw ur links to the filter system. my question is will ur system work with this vacuum easily. thankyou. vic
    Can you believe I just came across a bottle of your Blueberry Melomel, vintage 2007 from when we had swapped wines a few years back. I don't know why I hadn't tried it before now (I guess it got pushed to the back). It's fantastic, good color and clarity with a sparkle. It hasn't oxidized at all.
    Hi wade, i'm new and i'm not sure how i find recipes that people have posted. Such as your chocolate strawberry port recipe. Thanks!!
    My wife and I just opened up a winemaking store and would like to know what it costs to advertise here.
    Wade im making peach wine i have 100 lbs fruit and want to know how much water to put in to make 20 gal
    Hello. My name is Ivan Gagaus. I am representing Ukriainian exhibition company "Expo-Yug-Service". We are holding and organizing exhibitions and different events on wine and wine-producing, including "WinExpo. Ukraine" & "WineTech.Ukriane" exhibitions, that will take place from 2 to 4 of November 2011 in Kiev (Ukraine). We would like to invite you to participate and we also want to ask about the possibility of banner exchange between your's and our's websites ?
    Thank you
    Do you have a website or catalog that lists all the stuff you sell? I need an odd assortment of things I've run across in the forum, that you seem to sell. I also don't know how to order.

    Wade I wanted to say thanks. Skimming the forum I came across yet another on your bits of knowledge. I have had a lot of trouble with trying to fill bottles with sparkling wine. you mentioned to Tom I think that your fill hose should be 10 feet long to provide back pressure and keep your brew from foaming. Mine is only about 2 feet long. Im going to try again when my long hose comes in. Thanks Lloyd
    Wade E where do i get vacume pump hthat is not to expensive.
    I should be able to handle that, if not I have a few people that I can ask (a few woodworkers and engineers in the family :) How much would this unit cost?
    thanks Wade I'll check out walkers. on the fruit juice. I was under the impression some companies might sell juice with pulp but I guess all you need is the juice.
    While its clearing(fining agent doing its thing) if you apply a vacuum to it all that sediment will get sucked up to the top instead of sitting at the bottom. Lots of us use vacuum pumpos to rack, degas, filter and bottle our wines and thats why I stated this.
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