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  • I guess time will tell. All of my blackberry wines differ in SG. I have kept detailed records of each, so when they have aged, then I'll know for sure. The only problem with making wine is the time involved before you know for sure if it is good or great!!!
    Smurfe could use a little help if you can. St Allie and I are having problems getting this sites "friend" thing going properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    I have a question about my strawberry wine. I am about to do my last racking and want to know when I go to bottle it in about a month from now, do I need to add a clarifier and if so what to use and what should I use to sweeten to taste. If you can give me any pointers I would greatly apreciate it.
    I have just given cpfan an infraction for a rude comment to a post. Someone asked about adding oak spirals and then bumped the post by saying "anyone want to answer" as they didnt get an immediate post and CP spitefully answered "not really" Keep an eye on this "A" hole as i believe his time is coming. He's probably going to be rude about the infraction. I wonder how the BOP company he ran went under in an area where its so easy to make money as he says. :)
    Hey Smurfe,
    I just wanted to say keep up the good work here. This is the first site I actually signed up to and want to be a part of. Its because of helpful folks like yourself and Wade. I only live maybe 6-8 hours from Wade and will be stopping by to sample his wines lol. Dont tell him I want it to be a surprise haha. Thanks again, Steve
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