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  • Congratulations Steve, what has he been named?
    spring feeding and tidy up here..the orchard is in flower and I'm still working my way through grapefruit and lemons.. I have 8 gallons of grapefruit wine going and enough grapefruit for another 5 gallons.. the lemons were prolific I still have another tree to pick..and 15 gallons of lemon wine. Might be making lemon butter and cordial with the lemons left over.. I'm running out of primary space. The pear will likely finish just right with no backsweetening.. the natural sorbate in them is sweet and unfermentable.. it's the perfect fruit for a medium to sweet wine. Will this one make it to the bottle? hehehehe

    Hey Steve,

    Congratulations on the switch, sounds like a good move. Not much going on around here, just trying to get used to this weather. A high in the upper 60's in August is very strange. I can't wait to see what winter will be like.

    Take care.
    yes we been monitering it. Some is good and some can be bad. The good is we are in the 1st page when you are looking for this kind of forum. Just today I banned a member for spam. seems a daily thing for us mods. Lucky 99% dont know .. U da 1% lol
    Hi Steve
    Sorry I haven't responded sooner!
    This is what I have going at the moment:

    1. Pineapple banana riesling (I use the basic recipe for the riesling grape concentrate, but reserve 1/2 the can and substitute fruit).

    2. Merlot + bananas. This was treated with Tancor 3 weeks ago and is simply fantastic

    3. Lime wine. 5 -09 Found a local lime tree and followed Jack Keller's recipe + bananas. Tastes very tart (like limes if you can believe it) still very cloudy

    4. Mango, lime, bananas + riesling concentrate. 7-4-09 Slow to ferment (ran out of nutrient so used a multi vitamin) the airlock is still bubbling

    5. Primary: Another batch of natal plum (with bananas). I am trying to keep the must cool and extend the fermentation

    What did you decide on?

    My next project will be Allie's banana recipe - supposed to be like a buttery chardonnay (my fruit wines come out dry /light - like a pinot or sav blanc).

    Have you done banana?

    I was checking out your pics in the My Favorite Wines album. that strawberry looks good. I'v never made a fruit wine before. Can you give me the recipe for the Strawberry wine?
    Could be.. I lost one treeload of my peach crop last summer to a white mold that came across from a neighbours tree..It only appears on the peaches when they are fully ripe, so you think everything is great for the crop and then bang in a day you lose the lot. I have had to prune and spray this year. ( have been over the fence and sprayed the neighbours damn tree as well). Allie
    Well I hear you guys have high temperatures at the moment. It doesn't take long for things to mold in high heat without sulphites. It's a shame because it looks like junit made a 5 gallon batch of it. Maybe it is salvageable?.. I think I would tip it out too, it sounds like it's going to have off flavours. Allie
    heheh.. I'm onto it!.. It would be a shame to lose a peach/raspberry wine.. that sounds delicious.

    Business is still slow but I have 2 big side jobs that will bring in some serious cash, just working out the last bits of details before I can order supplies and get started on them.
    Hi Steve,

    Its nice to meet you. I have been making wine since 2003. the last couple years I have really got the hang of it. My last Pinot Noir took silver at the NYS Fair and bronze in the WimeMaker Magazine International Contest.

    Yes I do live in the snow belt of New York but drink plenty of wine to keep warm. :)

    Good as gold thanks Steve, too cold to go surfing.. so stayed home.. What did you get up to?

    Just trying to keep the interest alive, and I figure if I can spark a thread where we all learn than it it worth something.
    We are all in this together.
    I looked into it and... the + after the names means we're on your 'friends' list, only you can see it..

    I refused to take the position. I think moderators are more like 'managers' and police agents. I am not that kind of guy. I am more the independent one. But thanks for the compliment.

    Glad to be of any help, and if you have more questions do not hesitate !!

    Hi Steve, glad to see your smily face on your avatar. You can call anytime you'd like. I personally like the shaggy manes, them, and the puffbals are the onlt two I know. We have the Amanita Mascarea here and you don't want to eat them! Don't blame me man, I try not to get myself in a position to be held responsible for something I have no control over. Wade thinks I am full of ****. Dude, I have never seen that bar aCROSS THE POSTS EVER, AND i HAVE BEEN ON HERE LONGER THAN MOST. sO ANYWAY, CALL IF YOU'D LIKE, WHENEVER.
    Yes buddy I think you are right. I can blame alittle on you and this site ha ha, Without it I would probably trash a couple musts and quit.
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