Hi there from East Lyme, Conn.

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Dec 15, 2009
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I'm new to wine making and a veteran at wine drinking. I started my first batch of merlot last sunday and let me tell you, this forum help a bunch [[[ Thanks all! ]]].

Anyway, I'm looking forward to my second batch with recipes and trick I found on this site!

Crossing fingers and hope it comes out nicely :O)

Next on the list is pinot noir.
Welcome from Wilbraham MA

I am just over the border.... Good Luck. I am new here as well but this place is a wealth of information and good people thus far!
Hello D and welcome to the forum,

sounds like you are well on your way to an obsession.

TOM??? Whiner found a trick on this site. I thought you said you were saving those for New Years?!

LOL. Hi whiner welcome to the forum.
Ha I got a special head start !:db

No worries, I'm sure you all will hear of my wine making adventures...

Thanks for the welcome all!
Great to have you aboard. Good bunch of people here. Very helpful and entertaining. :) Got questions? ask away.
Ha I got a special head start !:db

No worries, I'm sure you all will hear of my wine making adventures...

Thanks for the welcome all!
We are waiting.... for your "problems" ...LOL :dg
Racked the first batch! Perfect way to start a snowy, cold evening.


There she is... Should I top it off with water or is that for later? (aka step 3).

Enjoy the weekend all!
I would wait till #3. Then when you top it off get a like wine to add. It looks like you will need TWO bottles to top off.
What is it? Mfg and type
I didn't drink it I swear!

That's what I figured so I left it as it. This is RJ Spagnol's Merlot.
Or you could rack to a 5 gall carboy and a 3 liter jug. Is that a 6 or 6.5 gallon carboy? Im not sure how you lost that much wine, dont fret and getting every little bit in the bucket as it will all fall out later anyways, I get every last drop and never really need any top up wine. Another tyrick is to make sure your adding enough watr to the kit in the beginning, stay within SG range bu make sure your not leaving yourself short or over diluting.
I'm really not sure how must the carboy can hold... I know for sure the bucket is 6 gals. We'll see, I'm sure it'll taste ok and do its job :O).

I'll adjust this after clearing with a similar wine like Tom mentioned... The kit calls for Water but I don't know about that...
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Just being nosy here. Which of the several RJ Spagnols Merlots? (Nine listed in their online catalogue.)

Let's see....
I'm not 100% positive on this one but I think it is RJ Spagnols Grand Cru International Collection Washington Merlot.
Bottled my wine! It tastes and smells pretty good, can't wait to see what it'll be like in a few months. Starting some Cabernet Sauvignon as soon as I get back from a somewhat big job in Schenectady.

Anyone can recommend a Cabernet kit?

happy new year all!