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  • I'm just a newbie that you've never met (witness protection program). It's been over a year since you last posted in the forums but I wanted to let you know that I lifted a line out of one of your posts as my given to you, of course. Please don't bring charges against me for grand theft or anything...the wife is getting tired of having the Feds move us every year or two. ;)
    Hi there. Happy New Year! I saw your posting about fireweed winemaking dated back in 2008. Have you found a method to make wine of fireweed? And in general, what do you do with such a huge amount of fireweed? I love that plant!
    i just saw your last message. CONGRATS on ure wedding. im SOOOOO sorry i couldnt email before but life has been keeping me VERY busy. i'll email u right now on ure yahoo. :)
    Blade my brother. write me right now on my email. [email protected] I am marrying Leanne, she will be here tommorrow. Oh my dude, all I wanted to do wa sassk abourt bread yeast.

    I am going to faint.

    Dont email me yet. Post on the forum, you. I will give you som el inks.

    Oh blade, this is to much, you have been away for a while. Join me on the forum first and then we can talk.

    I think of you often, I hope the world is finding you god.
    hey sid.. how are u man? long time no type :) well my fault too since i havent haunted these forums in a long time huh? :D ah well, im here to change that mistake now :D wasssap with u?
    I think i'm doing this right. I thought i better pm you rather than put it on forum about what happened at sea yesterday, not to good, well worth a minutes silence.

    I downloaded the book, looks good will have a read of it later, 1 question that might not be in the book, how do you know if a wine is off as i would hate to drink the stuff i made when i get home & drink it & not realise its off LOL. I wil still put it in a carboy when i get the equipment to se if i can improve on it, i'm sure after a month at sea with no drink in me the first glass will go to my head & i will be anybodys :D
    Take care yourself & Leanne
    hey Troy, how do I get to your blog?
    Oh Crap. Sorry about that. Now I feel bad for ruining your day. I guess you were bound to hear one way or the other. I had a few drinks in his honor as well. Needless to say, he'll be missed.
    I hadn't heard that he passed on yet, still checking e mails etc. Now I am really bumming. SOB. Thanks man, tears are flowing. better go now. Talk at ya later.
    Noticed you were an Alaskan fisherman at one time, and I've seen some of your posts about fishing the Bering Sea. Just wanted to say that I was saddened this morning to learn of the passing of Phil Harris. My wife and I are huge fans of Deadliest Catch, and we were both really bummed to wake up to the news. He and the others on that show have forever changed my perspective on the seafood I've enjoyed my whole life.
    hey bro.... we wish u a merry christmas and a happy new year. :) hope that the coming year brings lots of good luck and health to you and family.
    Troy, Enjoy your posts. Love the shot of your cat and the moose,unbelievable!!
    My son bought a car this summer that came all the way from Alaska.

    Kind of a long story but the kid he bought it from worked summers up there and he had it shipped back to Michigan. He claimed it cost him about 3 grand for shipping.
    I like the pictures you have posted. They look like postcards.
    Dont have anything important to say, just wanted to drop a friendly note, and say hi, so take care man.
    It's been fermenting for 4-5 days. The starting SG was 1.07 and it's currently 1.055. It was slow starting, so I would say it's been working hard for 2-3 days. I mixed in the nutrient at lunchtime today. The fizz was something to see... I plan to rack the wine tomorrow night because I will be out of town for 10 days. I'll wrap the carboy in a wool blanket because I intend to turn the heat in my house down to 60 while I'm away.
    You know a lot about my Skeeter Pee batch. I just added the second dose of lemon today. I added the recommended amount of energizer, but I'm out of nutrient. It's fermenting well still. Do you think I the fresh squeezed lemon changes the need for nutrient? I can stop over and get more tomorrow, but I wonder what your thoughts are?
    I never ask anything that isn't my business Bill. And further more I I have heard more than I ever wanted. To late to turn back time. But I always wondered what being a teenager would have been like. I was in college at 16.
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