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  • hey arne i hope and pray you and yours are well.
    you don't happen to know anything about missmost do you.
    thanks Arne
    Hi Arne
    My wife told me to check out a magic jack email and to my surprise it was you trying to get hold of me I have to try and find your phone number again and I will try and call right away in the morning to see what is going on
    Please let me know when they are there in force my wife has been wanting to come out there for years to see them
    Propagating currants is a simple matter - so much so that prunings left on the ground may take root. Take hardwood cuttings from mature wood, 10-12 inches long, and set the cuttings 3/4 of the way into the ground. New roots will strike from a number of areas along the stem. In colder areas, cover these cuttings with mounds of dirt or straw to prevent heaving. The following year these rooted cuttings may be set into the garden.

    Another method of propagating is by layering. Bend a low-growing branch to the ground and cover with soil. Keep the branch under the soil by weighing it down with a rock, or fashion a pin from a coat hanger and pin it down. Layering can be done in fall or spring. Once the roots are established, cut the branch off and plant in its permanent place.

    Here is the artical that I was talking about this morning thought you might be interested in it if you want to know more you can e-mail me at [email protected]
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