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  • Hi @TxBrew, I'm wondering if the upgraded site has the capability to block/hide threads from particular users like facebook does.
    A great place to visit if your on the way to the beach, or just a visit, is duplin winery, after a great tour your taken to a very long bar were for a nominal fee you can taste any or all the wine you want.
    TxBrew I have not had any new batches from concetrates. The last batches I did was juice from a winery. I did 15 gallons of catawba and 10 gallons of concord. Just finished bottling all of it. Had a couple pop the cork so I added a few more camden tablets before bottling the rest. I would like to try some kind of cherry but it so hard to control to keep it turning out like cough syrup without the cough relief. Any advice on this would be helpful. Thanks for checking.
    Hello, I'm fermenting fresh squeezed orange juice and I want to know if pasturizing will stop the fermentation process?
    Keith, Im sorry I didnt ask you if you wanted any shirts. I only have large but they shrink pretty good as I usually buy mediums myself and these fit good especially after a few washes. I have both Grey and maroon left and if you want one of each or 2 of one color let me know. I dont think i can order any more shirts right now as the set up fee for a few shirts would be pretty high and Im a little strapped as of now as these werent that cheap. Did you ever send anything around Christmas as I never received anything and I believe you asked me for my address for this reason. Did you ever open any more of my wine?
    what is the best way to see the latest posts? and when you post a question can you expect an answer or does your question just get lost in the stream of new posts?
    People cant seem to get email notification when they are checked off to receive it, Is this something on your end or is there something I can do about this.
    Hi TX,
    I am wondering if it would be possible to add a 'sticky' post ( as other forums call them) to the appropriate sections that remind/inform people to give specific info when asking questions. I often see questions like. "I think my fermentation is stuck, what can I do?"
    And of course the first reply is... What kind of wine is it? Kit or recipe? Type/name/brand kit? The more specific info the better.
    I thought if there is a way to add a thread to the top of each appropriate section it would be very helpful in getting answers to questions quicker and more effectively... just a thought. You could always query member CPFAN on what the 'sticky post' could say...
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