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  • I started a batch of wine the starting brix was 21.5 and now is 6.3 when is it ok to transfer to carboy. Does it need to be zero I'm new at this
    Hi! Thanks for adding us as a friend! We are a couple of ladies who are new to wine making! We have made our first ever batch of Lemon Wine last year and have sampled it, it is very nice! We also are starting a batch of fresh blackberry/raspberry and fruit punch Wine! Thanks for the add to your group, we look forward to interacting with all of you! :)
    Dan....hope your new year is going well. Been a long time since I was on here....back in the game though. What's the 411 on the upcoming wine competition in Pitt? I'd like to get in the game
    making peach wine have 100 lbs fruit want to know how much water to add?
    Dan, I don't know if you noticed my thread on the Chilean Juice Buckets or not but, the instructions for their juices are contra to what I believe you thought they should be. Thoughts? If you'd like, you can post your thoughts on the thread so everyone can benefit. Thanks! Mike
    Thanks anyway Dan. That's my problem also but add quite a few mor years.
    Dan, I think I read in another forum that you were interested in rock collecting. Do you also polish rocks? I have a pair of almost 8 year old twin grandkids here in Costa Rica and am considering buying them a rock polisher. I am out of touch since I bought their Father one when he was a kid. I will have to have it sent here at a cost of about double what I pay for it in the U.S. Without breaking the bank and realizing their age can you recommend one to buy? Thanks.

    Marilyn and I are contemplating heading up your way tomorrow then on to Walker's. Would you and Sue be available for lunch if we do? We'll decide for sure tonight when she gets home.
    I will go to Istanbul soon & like to check out several wine shops and wine tasting places. any idea? i checked form web and find out couple places such as akmerkez, lecave, , . I would like to know where is the happy hour places in Istanbul... cheers
    Dan, Marilyn wants to come visit some wineries sometime during July from the 1st thru the 13th. We are busy on the weekend but is there any day good to meet you and your wife for lunch at or near a winery.

    Let me know
    Greetings, Runningwolf!
    I just had to say Hi as my parents live in Union City, PA.
    I have been to Edinborough more times than I could count.
    Isn't Edinborough the home of the old Eagle Hotel/Restaurant?
    Anyway, greetings from St. Louis (Ballwin) Missouri.
    Runningwolf, I knew I seen that user name somewhere before! I was on winepress as well but since they are down I started to look elsewhere and ended up here and to be honest I am so much more comfortable here. I would never have thought of posting any comment that was based on my experience (as small as it is), I felt totaly inferior. I normally would just make nonbiased comments or ask questions. If I should ever start sounding that pompus I am expecting you to say "Hey Julie this isn't winepress" LOL
    Just logged on there and asked them which ones, thats why I havent been on that forum in around a year as they think they are God there. Ive been in that forum for awhile and cant stand the mentality there 3/4 of the time. Took me awhile to figure out how to get back to this message after i read it and moved over there. Its been awhile since Ive used this message area. You will get a better response from me using PM as that immediately pops up in my face.
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