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Sep 5, 2009
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Cool site, I'm glad I found it. Got so excited when I did I skipped right pass this part. Making my first batch of wine (blackberry). Probably should have started with a easier one but, those blackberries out by the house look to good not to try...and cheaper than buying.lol...
Can you tell us more..
What size batch and the recipe..
Hi and welcome
I have a 3 gal batch on right now, love those blackberries:b
I'll post the recipe when I get a chance. It's 5 gallons...picked so many blackberries I looked like I fought with a cat....(note to self: wear long sleeves and gloves next time.)

We'll its going on 5 months and I can't believe its made it this long. I've tasted it and it's gooooood. It seem's like it lacks a lil body ( Iguess thst's what ucall it...little bit thin)but taste great to me. I'm going to bottle it in the next two weeks so I can enjoy some for Christmas......Later, Snowbird:b
How many lbs per gallon did you use? Did you add any tannin, this can still be done, get some TanCor Grand Cru and do some bench trials, This stuff can turn an ok wine into something great and a great wine into a competition winner.
Hi Snow, glad to see you here. Trust me the scratches are nothing, I have to fight bears off for my berries!
What about Glycerin ? Bought some today the lady said it would help.....:a1
You can. Advantage is you can add @ bottling. You cant do that w/ Banana. I use both. If you get glycerine by the gallon its much cheaper that way.
Well not quite HB, they try to breed with me, but all the years in the Far North have taught me how to run faster than them! Thats why I have to watch my back in the woods! I have finally found a way to pick more than they can eat! When you are picking berries you are always bent over. Not a good position to be in when the bears are looking to breed with you! Thats why I take my cats with me whenever I collect the berries! Only trouble is, I took them along for an alrm and then I found out they(the cats) like berries too! A guy just can't win.
My cat, "Captain Charles," is more of a meat eater. We call him "Captain" because he sleeps on top of the boat cabin in the summer. He's over on his stool sawing logs now... he told me he doesn't do snow... except in emergencies.

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