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Apr 18, 2024
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Red Deer, AB
Hi all,

I've been making wine from kits for a few years and now I'm getting into making fruit wines from scratch. I have a few friends who are into homebrewing but they mostly do beer, so it would be nice to connect with some folks who understand the nuances of wine.

I read The Joy Of Home Winemaking by Terry Garey, and from that I did a few wines the other year: apple, cherry, grapefruit. Those first two weren't great. which was discouraging, but the grapefruit came out well enough I decided to apply what I learned from them and try again . I've got a raspberry and blueberry on the go right now and I'm looking forward to starting a strawberry next.
Welcome. Next time post your “recipe” in advance for some expert feedback. I use the quotations because it’s really a collection of ingredients and your process. The books post recipes because it’s easy for beginners but you soon learn that every wine is different.
Thanks all. And great idea @ChuckD.
I already figured out I used the wrong yeast for my blueberry.
I’m just finding out myself that yeast selection can make a huge difference in a wine. There is no wrong (unless you’re using bread yeast) just different taste. As my vineyard starts producing I intend to do a lot of yeast trials.
Welcome to WMT

One of my favorite books for wine is The New Cider Makers Handbook. The reason is that Jolicour tells a lot of the why’s that are useful when one makes a fruit wine. For country wines I check pH and blend fruit to get under 3.5, can you check pH?