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  • About 6lbs/gal is what I'd shoot for. Since you didn't give the amount you've collected I'll assume you've got enough for 5gals. Freeze the muscadines for a few days to help break down the cell walls to aid in releasing the fruit flavors. Thaw and put into a 5gal paint straining bag and squeeze to break down the fruit. Put the bag in a 6-7gal primary then add 2.25gals water, 1/4tsp pectic enzyme (liquid), enough sugar to get the S.G. to 1.085-1.090 (about 8lbs), 1/4tsp K-meta. Allow to sit 24hrs before pitching yeast. I use 71B-1122 and RC212 but most any good wine yeast will work. Good luck, let me know how it turns out.
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