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Nov 21, 2009
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Although I'm new to the forum, but I have made a couple batches of Blueberry wine the way my Grandpa made it. It turned out pretty decent but I want to try it with the up-to-date methods. So I will have plenty of questions and glad to be here. :db
hello and welcome JBEE..

Is there any blueberry wine left?

We would love to show you the newer ways of how to do it so lets get started. Can you elaborate on how you have done it in the past?

Thanks for the Welcome...Everyone!

Is there any blueberry wine left?


Oh Noooo! It tasted better than it looked..

We would love to show you the newer ways of how to do it so lets get started. Can you elaborate on how you have done it in the past?

I'll try to explain. I have this ceramic churn (don't know the exact size) that has a lip around the top that can hold water. I would then put my sugar in with some warm water to dissolve the sugar, then add fruit and the yeast. Give it a stir and cover with cheese cloth. Put a little water around the lip on top and I had a ceramic bowl that would fit (upside down) on top of the churn and cheese cloth. Wait for it to stop bubbling then rack it into 2 liter coke bottles (that was cleaned). I racked it a couple of times but it still was cloudy and was Hot start with but it eased up with some time. The churn has a crack in it now so I'm in the process of ordering a wine kit. Thanks!
Get yourself at least a 7.9 gallon fermenting bucket and either a 5 or 6 gallon carboy depending on what size batches you make. I would also get some pectic enzyme to help get more color extraction and better flavor extarction out of your fruit.
Welcome aboard and glad to have you here. I am sure you will get all of your questions answered.
ASk away.
There are alot here who make Blueberry wine. (me hehe)
Welcome JBee... I'm originally from Valdosta... Home of the Wildcats. You'll like it here... lots of good reading and lots of good people... take care.
Welcome! You sound like you are following an old Southern recipe, I did much the same til I found this website. These folks can answer any questions you will have and trust me you will have a many.....

Get ready to make your wine supply store owner very happy!

Good luck
Welcome aboard!
I have a 6 gallon batch of Blueberry Shiraz going in secondary at them moment.
That's an interestin concept for making wine with that churn. A few photos of the thing would really be cool to see.
I have a friend from Poland, who grandmother makes wine with a big glass sphere and just chucks the fruit in letting the wild yeasties do what they will.
Strong stuff but never consistant batches.