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  • Hi sweetie. I dont see all your visitors but thought as I was here maybe we could break into a quickie! LOL
    I have made mostly kit wines, I have started a frozen bucket of Sav.Blanc and seems to be going well, also have skeeter pee in the primary, I would have to save cabernet has been my favorite wine kit. I have a small vineyard (Brianna grapes)in its 3rd year, so I would like to make my own wine this fall. Do you travel to the US for work?
    Leanne thanks for the reply,

    You must be 6 hours ahead of us? we are starting to thaw out a little bit, 40ish most days, nice enough to prune my little vineyard this weekend. I am amazed that I or we can discuss with someone half way across the world with the same wine making interest, but yet there is someone on line last night that was 25 miles from me. What is your favorite wine???
    just wondering what time of day it is over there and what kind of weather do you have these days
    Thank You Leanne,

    I am enjoying the site very much. I was on another forum but I just feel more comfy here. More females is always good! :)
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