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Feb 16, 2008
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Hi all. I am from Nashik in India and am starting off as an enthusiastic but ignorant wine maker. Am planning to experiment with not only grapes but also some tropical fruits. Would love any tips. Cheers!

Pose your question in the general winemaking area
then it can be followed by everyone.

I suggest you start with quoting which fruit is available
that gives us some handles to work with.

Again, be welcome and do not hesitate to pose
any questions that may rise.

Cashew Apple wine


Thanks for the tip, Luc. I have been away and so was not active for a year. However, now I am concentrating on trying to make a decent wine from Cashew Apples.

I already have made a batch, but am facing some difficulties. I have started a new thread under Cashew Apple wine. Please have a look. All suggestions are most welcome.

Thanks and regards,


Welcome to the forum!!!
These guys know there stuff here, I have learned a lot from them , and still have a lot to learn.:b
Welcome, dont hesitate to post questions but I would search first as a few others like myself :dhave screwed up enough to have asked alot of questions already.
Steve :b
Welcome ! :b
Here you will find many who make fruit wines. Also, check out our recipe thread.
If I remember I gave you a welcome in your other thread but what the heck. I'll give you one here as well. Welcome aboard. Glad you decided to stop by our forums. I really like it that we have a mixture of members of an International flair.

Thanks for the warm welcome from all of you!!

I am yet to get the hang of this forum and how to ensure that I am not repeating questions already asked and answered elsewhere. But I'll catch on.

Welcome aboard!
waves hello,

we have another member 'bladeofthemoon' who is also in india.. I gather getting yeasts and other supplies can be difficult there. perhaps drop blade a message in his mailbox and see if you can share information on supplies.

Hi to all of you,

I just wanted to take the chance in order to introduce myself because I am new to this forum. My name is Marc and I am very interested in everything that concerns wine. Of course I also love to drink a good glass of red wine.
I have found this interesting forum on my google search and decided to register. I am already looking forward to explore this forum.
Hello atticus welcome to this forum, I was not hopping from India but I m very glad to hear that you are from India... nice to meet you.

Enjoy the forum and ask the question .... Forum team members will help you in a very good way. :h

I m also from India , From Bhopal ..... if you want to contact me we can be friends on yahoo or gmail. ( Chatting) :b
hi waves.... taken me a while to get back to the forums so im able to welcome u only today. as allie says, im also from india. ive finished 2 batches of wines, the 2nd better than the first and now planning my 3rd. u need any practical indian advice, drop me a line in my visitor's box and i'll try to help u out the same these guys were kind enough to for me. :)

p.s. er.... this smiley in the end is a bit weird but its just a simple smile :p NOT the mad antics it seems to be doing. lol
Blade. as you know, I spent a considerable amount of time to find out it is indeed hard to find supplies in India, and found out for supplies to be shipped to India, find a homebrew supplier in Australia!

Indian advice? We have a new thread going about foods we love to eat. Please tell us about curry dishes. We would like to know.

Good to see you again.