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  • Been on a Holliday to France for several weeks and have been very busy with my girlfriend having a lot of expositions of her paintings lately.
    Also we have a very hot summer over here which keeps me away from sitting at my computer.

    Thanks for your concern.

    Thank you my friend. I wish for you and your loved ones the same !!!

    hey Blade..

    same to you and your family.. hopefully we will beat the recession in the coming year.. if not.. drink more wine!..:)
    Hey bro!!!!!! Good to see you again, we talk about you alot, at least when you are not listening! I hope the world is finding you safe. I will be sure to let the gang know you are safe. So how is the wine coming along/ I figured by this point you would most definitely be the most popular guy in the village!!! Thanks for stopping over, sure good to hear from you! Starting to get really cold here, It is like -20F right now, gonna get colder before the sun comes up again. Sure good to hear from you Blade. Don'yt be a stranger.

    You know what else I would get is the plastic shrink wrap bands that go arount the top of the bottle, i don't remember what they call them.
    Hey Bro, havent heard from you in a while hope all is well over there, any luck with the suppliers out of AUS?
    Your Sub Arctic Brother,
    sounds like you did a great job :).. the flavour will improve .. so be patient hehehe..

    Will I could whizz over and try it myself!..

    you're welcome.. :).. flick me a message again when you tase it in a months time..

    700ml is a lot. I'd add a bit of honey as well just to stop too much dilution..Next time add some fresh apple juice to make up such a big difference and let it ferment out a bit again. Don't throw it out if it's a bit weak on flavour.. blend it with another wine that needs help.. you might find a combination improves the flavour and balance.. It will change a lot anyway.. so keep it another month and taste again. Allie
    Hiya, what sort of yeast did you use for the cider? Do you know what the alcohol level is? The wine will change a lot over the next few months in the bottle. I always sweeten with apple juice at the time of drinking it if it needs it. Basically because most recipes call for sweetening with artificial sweeteners and I don't like the taste. The other option is to keep feeding your cider more honey until the yeast basically gives up and dies, leaving residual honey in the wine. If you used a cider yeast I think most give up at about 9 % alcohol. Personally I think is easier to sweeten to taste when you drink it. Allie
    Blade you don't have to send me a friend request. We are already friends. Send me an email at [email protected] or call me at this phone number, anytime day or nite 907-479-0789 I have you covered.
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