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  • Thanks Luc this is the only test I have seen so far to get results for alcohol content of sweet wine.
    1) starting sg - ending sg. Look at the according alcohol values on the hydrometer

    2) starting sg - ending sg. Look at the according alcohol values in my SG table (on my web-log)

    3) starting sg - ending sg / 7.36

    4) Staring sg - ending SG * 131

    5) take a sample and read the SG. boil to half the volume. add distilled water to the original volume. and measure SG again. Put the two figures in this application (look at the alcohol tab boiling off method)

    6) Measure Sg with a hydrometer, and measure SG with a refractometer.
    Put both values in the same applet at the right calculation method.

    One of these should do it ;)

    Luc did you have a formula or process for finding the amount of alcohol in a sweet wine?
    Hey Luc did you take the moderator position? You would make a good one. Thanks for all the help so far. I am sure I will have more questions as I become a wine making addict.
    Luc, Keith has agreed to make me an administrator on this forum due to my knowledge and my commitment on this forum. I am looking for 2 moderators and would be thrilled if you and CPFan would want these positions mainly to watch for spammers and delete theor posts and just to make sure everyone is playing nicely and also to advise people on what to do as you have been doing for a long time here.
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