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Nov 9, 2009
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Just wanted to officially say hello to every one.

I have posted a few times in the beginners area, and wanted to say thanks to everyone for their friendly, and fast responses.

I have always wanted to make wine, but finally took the plunge.
I've started a couple batches of apple wine. Variations of sort of a standard recipe from the web. One batch has a some concord grapes in it, the other has some blueberrys in it.
Not really looking for anything fancy for my first try, just sort of experimenting. Seeing if I can get the hang of this.

Once again thanks to everyone for putting up with yet another newbee's questions.:D

So much to read at this site! I think I will read up on meads next, There is a small apple orchard near me that has the best fresh honey. yum.:b
We were all newbies sometime.
Mead is very rewarding to make. The flavours justify the work completely.
Welcome Whineforwine! Thats a great place for you to get all in one batch. Apple mead (Honey wine) is awesome and I actually have another batch clearing right now.
the experimenting is the fun part! if you made the same "good" wine, it would be boring. you might be missing that "so good, i gotta hide it from myself somehow because it won't make it a month" wine batch.

keep on experimenting. oh and black currant mixes well with apple. we make it that way and it's always good.
Glad to have you on the "boat" Whine. Happy to help anyway we can. but ask first! It'll save you alot of trouble and frustration in the end.