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Oct 26, 2008
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This morning I was helping move a 500# air compressor and it ended up on my foot. Broke three bones and it looks like they want to do surgery.

Hurts like hell but it reminds me, as long as I will be laid up, I have no reason not to make wine. I could whine, but..well you get it. All I got was Vicadin, give me a break, well, not another:) i wonder if vacadin are fermentable?


Sorry to hear about Troy, they could have at least given you the Vic ES!
I even can't start to imagine how that will hurt.
Keep up the good spirit.

I hope you will be fine in a while.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune Troy. It is good to keep your attitude positive about it.
Just be careful if you do go crazy making wine, a full carboy on a damage foot would be something else.
I think considering how the Dr.s have gotten with pain medication, you're lucky they gave you Vicadin. Our local clinic only wants to give out prescription strenght Tylenol unless you are dying.
With taht broken foot do not try to take the carboy off the top of your fridge!
That musta hurt...:b
i heard the true story was him sampling too much if his wine and got drunk and fell down
Yean, no carboys on the fridge for a while!:D

About 3 yrs ago I broke my right foot in 14 places, so I have some pain practice. It'l be allright, hopefully they may not have to do surgery, though it sounds likely. At least it is winter, it would be bad to be laid up for 6 weeks or so in the middle of our short summer.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Drink on!!!:r
My S-I-L was home on leave from St Paul Island a couple months ago so my daughter and grandsons went to Va and WVa to be with him for that month. While there she got to playing around at the pool and broke her leg. When it was time for her and the kids to come back here, I had to fly up there and drive her back...
I guess if you send me a plane ticket and give me food, a place to sleep and access to your wine, I could come up there to help you move the carboy off the fridge. :)
Wow how could anyone pass on a sweet deal like that!! :hTake care Troy and keep a modest amount of alcohol in your system to help with the pain.:r Steve
Yep. Vino and Vicadino. An old Italian remedy for pain:D

'm avaoiding the Vics though, not much of a pill quy and would rather have the alcohol and don't really want to mix too many, though you can, "alcohol may intensify the effect", baloney I guarantee you it WILL intensify the effect!:d

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