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  • hey steve slow down smell the rose wine,, lol, been lost awhile, i think i might get my karma back,,, it got to popular around here,, farmers, businessman, officials, so i quit for a spell, this time no one but here will know i started back up. i had to remember why i started all this, TO RELAX AN FIND PEACE OF MIND,,, this forum and these people give me peace of mind,,,
    Hey Steve, I will be asking my wife for a vacuum pump for Christmas and I am hoping you can help her with the right attachments. I bottle about 18 gallons per year and debating between the pro and as options. Can I get her in touch with you? Or just give her all the details and hope she picks it right? Ps:. You have a loyal crew here on the forum and that was my deciding factor. Well done.

    Chris (Buzi)
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