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Jan 30, 2010
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My question is about yeast. I buy these little pack of yeast and I am told that they will make up five gallons of wine what I was wondering if you mixed that up with five cups of water and you only used one cup of yeast/water mix can you store the other four cups of yeast/water mix in the frig. and use it later and how long would it last in the frig. :sh
Im not sure how long it would last, it can be done but the better way would be just to use what yu need and keep the rest dry and in the packet still and then seal it up in a ziplock bag and put that back in the fridge.
if you have a gram scale you can weigh it dry and divide it by 5 to make ^^that^^ easy, this way itll last till the exp date on the packet
I presume you are discussing dried yeast here.

So when you dehydrate the yeast, the cells will become alive. They need food (nutrients), acid and sugar.
In plain water they can not survive.

So it is the same as feeding the yeast to the must, they start
doing their thing and die eventually.

So leave them as they are, and indeed use what you need.

So much great advice but why quibble over a 69 cent packet of yeast?
I too never save any. If Im making an eight or a 1 gallon batch the whole packet goes in! And yes I did say eight, anything above that I add another packet but Ive made many an 8'er with 1 packet no problem.
I just sprinkle a bit in and save the rest for another batch..

you can also save the lees from a finished batch and add them to a new batch if you want to be really frugal.. make sure it's a similar wine though!

It is the cheapest part of the whole process......but a penny saved IS a penny earned.

Though I too just toss the whole lot in.
Just be careful as once the package is open it can get contaminated. Why take the chance to save pennies [US pennies that is ;-) ]
With everything said here, If using a packet of yeast that has been stored open for some times make sure before making a batch from this packet to have another emergency packet on hand and to make a starter so as to not het caught with your pants down on a batch cause it always seems to happen when your brew supply shop is closed for an extended weekend when this happens.
I also eyeball it and get about 5 runs out of a packet. Just pour out about a 1/5th of the packet per gallon. If you make starter with it a little bit can go a long way. I have never had an issue with contamination of the yeast. After I pour out what I'm going to use I fold the packet over twice. Hold it closed with a binder clip and put it back in the fridge.

Some of it might be inherent cheapness, but I like to think it is just to make sure I have extra yeast around if I need it.