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  • You are quite right, they are a bit high. One run is at about 5'10" and another is at 6'2''. The first is much easier to deal with and as a matter of fact I've allowed the end post to sag which makes it even easier for me to pick. I'd suggest that you make your trellis neck high. By doing this, your arms won't tire out as quickly.
    I saw your pics of your vineyard. I see your cordons appear to be pretty high. is that just an illusion caused by camera angle? I'm fabricating posts for some muscadines and I'm planning on having the cordons about 5'9" high. I'm 5'6", so I won't bump my head. I'm doing a gdc trellis. How do you like the high trellis?
    Equipment: 1-6gal food grade plastic bucket, 1-5gal carboy (glass or plastic), air lock for carboy, 3'+/- of plastic tubing for siphoning, 1-5gal paint straining bag for holding the fruit (home supplies usually have these), acid test kit, pectic enzyme, campden tablets, potassium sorbate, yeast nutrient, acid blend. With this equipment, your fruit of choice and a good recipe you'll be on your way. For your first attempt I would purchase a 96oz can of Vintners Harvest or comparable fruit base and follow the instructions on the can.
    hello david my names spotz and that sounds like it will be quite an amzing batch once its all finished. im brand new to the whole wine making craft. i plan on focusing on mead and wines from fresh fruit and grapes. for sum reason i dont like the whole kit wine thing i see it as very unatural. i would love to make wine the ancient greek method, in my opinion the way it should be made. are there any tips u can give a newbie on making wine straight from fresh fruit and what equipment i would need w/o buying a wine "kit"? it would be greatly appreciated
    These WP people got the better of me and i should have stepped away from the computer but got pissed off instead!
    It's just beginning to get into the Fall season. The pecans are starting to fall and I'll likely begin picking next week. The vines will get trimmed in January.
    Thankyou Dave,

    Much appreciated. Will get the ingredients up together next time I hit the shops.

    How's the weather there? Tidying your vines up for winter yet?
    I usually go for 11-12% for a young drinking wine...around 6 months. It's even better after a year. I had some 2 year old muscadine today that was excellent but I don't think it'll improve any more going out. Back sweetening with 1/2gal of reserved juice will add additional flavor to the finished product.
    :bSacalait, I should have about 30lbs of Muscadine when I/m done. I/m gonna start off by what you sent me (directions). What alcohol% do you usually turn out from the way ya make yours?
    Hey Sacalait, I should have enough Muscadine' (wild) picked by the end of the week. Any recipe's you would suggest....Thanks,Snowbird
    Just saw this message today as I never see the visitors messages for some reason. Ill try to find it. Thanks.
    well no need since Allie banned that member. BTW I have no idea any way. The Sig in his msg I could not open thats why I answered it. I didnt know the url was spam.
    All the grass verges get sprayed here David, so I don't pick the wild blackberries, buy them frozen instead.

    . ..well done on the prizes, how many wine competitions are there yearly, out your way?.. is the blueberry wine recipe a family secret? ( you could share it with me, I promise not to tell!) hehehhehe
    Am still looking for a viable way of getting hold of muscadines, the brix content on those is quite high...if I import plants from overseas they have to go into quarantine for a year.. can be costly.. need to ensure they will thrive before parting with cash.


    I missed your message David..

    what does muscadine wine taste like?.. is it similar to grape wine?

    I made wines about 20 years back and have recently taken it up again due to an over abundance of fruit in my garden. mostly peach plum and apple.. though i have a fantastic banana recipe on the go at present.. really looking forward to tasting that in a years time.

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