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  • Hey JT got a question. I live 102 miles from home depot or Wall mart. Im getting a shipment of peaches about 100 lbs I have a rubber maid green trash can but can't get the white can I use it for a primary?
    Sorry I missed your message. I live over by lowes so I'm on high ground from the flood but I have lots of friend I have been helping out.
    Ive made wine from plums before and would go with more like 6-8lbs myself but you could do the smaller amount and just make a bigger f-pack.
    hey jtstar,

    That recipe looks good to me.. I'd definately add bananas and keep the SG at 1.080 and extra flowers.. your call whether to add raisins or not.. I would anyway.

    Jack always overdoes the sugar and under does the fruit.

    cool... am looking forward to hearing about the zucchini one.
    I have never made Rhubarb wine but want to, just dont really see it locally here for sale. It does make a great wine though as a local winery sells it and we get some every time we go there.
    I did pm once but there is no hurry and I imagine she is a very busy person. My juice is in the freezer and can wait. what 's your latest project?
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