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smart @$$
Aug 18, 2009
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Today this really pretty blond lady comes up to my porch(never seen her before) and asked if I was Mike. Of course I said I was and she said she was asked to drop off the cherries to me. 36 lbs of fresh Yakima Cherries. She is a friend of my sister and was coming this way. I love my sister!!!
2 hours latter Billy drives up driveway and unloads 3 flats of fresh strawberries(30 lbs). Only down side if freezer space. Froze berries and put cherries in fridg. Will freeze them tomorrow. ALL free.
Hey my middle name is Mike, I think you should share! LOL

Good for you man, thats wondeful!!! Looking forward to you teling us about the wine you make with it!!!
You wait.... they'll be back.... after you've converted their fruit to wine for them.
They alway do come back for the bottles. The blond can come back when ever she wants. . I need to talk to my sister and find out more about her
OH OH. can we handle two marriages in one year on this forum?
When I first started reading your post the first thing that came to my mind was after you said you were Mike the pretty lady was going to serve you with a paper. But that's probably because my dad was a process server.:D
The only thing better than a pretty lady,,, regardless of her hair color,,,
is a pretty lady with free fruit..
Invite her back to sample some wine and don't worry about talking to your sister.
Berries are in freezer already, cherries are in fridg.
I have to talk to my sister to find out how to get a hold of this lady. My sister will say all kinds of good things about me if it will get me out of single class. Women hate to see men happy. Ha, no marriage for me, 3 is enough for this lifetime. Widowed twice and dirvorced once. Seems I aint the marrying kind

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