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  • So is it as hard to get hooch-making supplies in da Ham as it is in da Ville? My kingdom for some cheap carboys! lol
    Sorry I was unable to meet you, you have a nice family. How's the little ones finger doing? all of the bottles had been stored in my garage upside down and should be fairly clean and almost all are de-labeled. I hope they are used well. We made it back home safely and worn out. Have a good week I will let you know if I get anymore bottle.
    Do You need any help? I have a Ford F250 I can bring up to haul with. I have 2 sons in Huntsville, both ok. If I can help call me at 334-794-4610 home phone.
    Nor here, we are still trying to get in touch with friends and family in "the outlands" (lol).
    Some don't have phone or power.
    Well here we are again, hope all is safe and you are well!! My 2 sons are ok and without damage. We had nothing to speak of here.
    it was delicious. friends loved it, even the SWMBO.
    that was the batch where i realized i don't understand how to use my acid test kit. LOL.
    Seen that you did some pineapple awhile back... hows it goin? I've got a gallon in secondary and I'm just curious.
    Was wondering what part of Bham your from. I was born and raised in East Lake. Went to Banks High School. Good to find a fellow Alabamian making a little fruit of the vine.
    Yes it was that show, my son loved that show and still watches it once in awhile when he sees it on, he's 6 now.
    Just started a 1 gallon (+/-) of canned pineapple wine last night (5/19), i will be pitching the yeast tonight.
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