Who is the youngest one in here?

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Oct 26, 2008
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Wade started a great thread, "This is me" a while back.

It is probably THE greatest thread ever started in here to introduce ourselves to each other and place a name to a face.

So who is the youngest one in here? And how long have you been brewing your own?

No reason to be shy now. We all know what most of us look like.

I will start.

I will be 44 in August. Thats magnum!! LMAO!

So who is the youngest?




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Young enough to not admit it, or to old to not admit it?

Dont feel bad, Nikki is only 22!! Hell Wade is only 27, and Tom has been 35 for like , well, 30 years.

(Geez, I am in trouble now)
And how long have you been brewing your own? going to ammend my question.
Well since youve changed the game a little, ive been going for about a year and a half now. and hopefully i have many many years of winemaking ahead of me.

Perhaps we should start a thread that gets a Sex demigraphic? I know the military simulation forums im a member of are like 90 percent guy 2 percent female and 8 percent undecided lol
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See Seth, thats the power I have for being an old fart. Even NIKKI loves me, and she is only 22!

lol i think the beard does it.. ( you do have a beard right?) I have a beard.. well im working on it lol. mine started turning white on me when i was in highschool >_> so lord knows how long it is before it all turns white.
I shaved my beard off. I will never admit to gray hair, bt if I did, I can assure you, I earned every bit of it.

Your beard could be licked off by my cats in 10 minutes flat.

they pee outside at -40F. make your own determination!!!
And they are all girls, they can't pee off the porch!
I'm 20, will be 21 July 29th. Been brewing almost 2 years. My parents have been brewing for 5
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I was born July 7 1982.
Been brewing since October 2009. Love every moment of it.
Well I do believe I have you all beat right now born in 1956 but only benn berwing for six months

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