Where to purchase dried fuits, etc?

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Oct 26, 2008
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Based on a recent thread by Becks, I am going to ask this again. Where can I buy dried fruits and berries. As I am sure you may realize, shipping to Alaska (from the States) can be outrageous in cost. So for me to consider buying 5 gals or more of the juices you all talk about is just way too expensive.

I would consider purchasing dried product that could be rehydrated and used to make wine.

Outside of Becks recent thread I haven't heard any talk on using a dried product. Any other experiences with dried product, and where have any of you purchased this type of product?

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Dried fruit is costly, probably more than shipping a kit from lower 48.
Didn't want to here that MIke! The cheapest I can make wine for is $6/gal for the concentrated juice, $1 or so for the yeast, and about $4 for the sugar to make 4 gallons, the additives are minimal, but that equals about 26 skins or so to make 4 gallons. Best I can do. Kits here are really spendy.

I may be stuck doing it the old fashioned "hillbilly/redneck" style, which is fine with me. Just wish I could find a way to experiment with some of the fine wines some of the members in here produce.

Sticking my chest out knowing enough to make something the "old fashioned way",

Then I quess my only option will be to perfect what I make from concentrated juice from the freezer section.

Sometimes, it is possiblr to find a good deal on fruit, but that option isn't always available.

I promise to do the best I can with what I have. Thanks to all in here, I am able to do that!
Have you looked into Alexanders concentrate in cans?

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