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interesting comment. I use bleach all of the time cleaning carboys with no problemos ever
The industry point of view, run an alkaline cleaner followed by an acid rinse. (the bishaun dog can get decolonized by washing with vinegar) Tanks are not built to have a brush in them. Chlorine is an oxidizer, the compatible with wine version would be an oxidizing cleaner. This doesn’t necessarily remove the organics but removes the color so the stainless looks clean, ,,, metabisulphite decolonizes lots of pigments.
I have never bought any "used" carboys off CL but every one of my carboys that when finally drained when you get around to bottle that red wine that has been in the glass for up to 2 years and has what appears to be tough/impossible stains that are not going anywhere anytime soon has been cleaned to like new condition with the use of some hot water and oxyclean. It really is amazing stuff.
I have had the same issue on a few carboys. No matter what I did, including soaking with a strong PBW solution for a week rotating the carboy on its side. The haze never went away.
Could be etching. Here is what I found.

Etching occurs when the causes of colored film are allowed to continue. Signs of this condition are a cloudy appearance that cannot be removed by washing with vinegar (acid), bleach or water. The cloudiness can be uniform over the surface of the glass or it can be spotty.
I posted this back in March.

I have a whole variety of carboys some I purchased new, some are used and some date back to 1965. I believe the older ones were my dads. The photos enclosed are from a Mexican made carboy with Carisa stamped on the bottom. No date but I’m guessing it’s not that old and I probably acquired this...
Cloudy carboy
interesting comment. I use bleach all of the time cleaning carboys with no problemos ever
wow - interesting - not in my rotation! sorry - i make a lot of wine - i can't take any chances
only time i use bleach is when i do laundry for my whites -lol!
works for u ? then let it ride!

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