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Feb 28, 2010
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I'm from Wellsburg, WV(near Pittsburgh, Pa). This site is a great resource, I just found it and have already learned a lot. I am a fight promoter by day
Really enjoying starting these kits, and hoping to learn more.
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Welcome to the forum. I am originally from Logan, WV, now living in Texas, John.
Hi and welcome.
This is a very friendly site and we'd all be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
hello and welcome to our little corner of the web..

a fight promoter for? ( boxing/karate kickboxing/wrestling?)

glad to have you here

I'm already having fun, I love getting home and going in the basement and messing with my wine.

Allie- I promote MMA (Mixed Martial Arts; aka cagefighting).

I'm sure I will have a ton of questions for everybody.:sm
Hey Dave,

how on earth did you manage to end up promoting cage fighting?


( where are the photos? I'm sure I'm not the only female here that wants photos!! you need to make an album! hehehe)
Hi Dave. I live in Dillonvale, Ohio. I just went up to the Wine Maker's Loft yesterday in Follansbee. Nice to know someone on here from the valley. I'm newer to this stuff but I'm enjoying it as well as the rest of my family.

Who/What do you promote for MMA in this area? I know some people involved in that around here. I imagine we know the same people.
Hello...that's where I bought my kits at. A good family friend (Charlie) owns it. Very nice place with good people.

I'm familiar with Dillonvale, I believe Chip Snider is from there, he is a referee for us. I own Cage of Chaos, most of our shows are in St. Clairsville. Maybe I'll see you at the wine loft sometime.
Probably more likely to see you at the carne center. I have met many people involved in a lot of the training of area fighters. (Napple, Tucker, many others) anyway...I'll probably see you at one of the two places.
Hi all, I'm from Weirton and I also go to the wine loft. Charlie and Ted are the best.
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Yep, real good guys, Ted has actually had to make a couple house calls for me, because of some of my idiot moves.

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