Wade is mia

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Mar 1, 2009
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Folks I understand Wade had a visitor today and has not been seen since. I am not sure what this means but I am sure if he gets a dime and a minute he may check in. Any ideas?
if he is mia, does this mean we can make a run and wipe out if wine cellar?:tz
LOL, I just drank a whole bottle of your raspberry blush, I guess I need to get the skeeter pee of yours now
ROFLMAO, well he needs to post up on what r u doing.
OH NO! Is this the day he got his new equipment?

Let me look under my cabin............no not there.

Dan look under your porch!

You guys are just sick and Julie, your going to need a very big truck to wipe out my cellar! Sorry guys and girls, just have a lot on plate lately to try and get done and the heat just took everything out of me today!!!!!!!!! Santa came after a long day at work and dropped off this stuff today and then told me to F off for making him come down this way in this heat!!!!!!!

Crusher Destemmer.jpg


PH meter.jpg
That looks great Wade. HO Ho Ho!

Good for you. Glad things have worked for you to recieve this stuff finally. I know you were excited to see it in your yard. . Cant wait for the report on how it works for you.

Seems kind of suspitious you waited till your kids were old enough to turn that handle!!! LOL, do you have to do it by hand or is there an overide to use electric power.

Some of us newbies would be interested to see how it actually works.

Do you mind taking a minute, when you get the chance, to explain this a bit? Pleae, some of us would be interested to see how it actually accomplishes its mission.

Too cool!I may smoke some tea, I mean ribs in celebration of these things you need and deserve!!

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Dang I want to type curse words while he was gone, like @$$. going to go with stock answer about where he was,"Frozen to outhouse seat"
Wow and I thought I was excited to get my Tonneau cover for the truck. Santa was nicer to you than me. Guess I was a bad boy.

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