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  • Thanks Julie, it was a Blackberry, Italian Red & Elderberry that were 3.2 ish. Used a Vinmetric 300, tested other wines & they were right where they were supposed to be. I'll watch them closely. Roy
    Julie, have you had any issues with Home Winery Supply concentrates being very low on the PH scale, i.e. 3.2 before any acid additions? Thanks, Roy
    HI Roy, no issues. I normally buy the blackberry concentrate from them and ph is normally around 3.5. I have bought the niagara and the ph was good in that as well.
    Julie, thanks for all the good work you have done for the forum, I'll miss the good clean jokes but not the bad. This forum has helped me make better wine. I'm grateful for all the help.
    I just ordered my buckets from Luva Bella for pick up on March 30. What time will we all be meeting?
    Julie, I was reading your recipe for the candy cane wine. I was wondering if you could elaborate on the amount of water (you say to add 3 cans of frozen Niagara - do you add the water for these too or just the concentrate or is there another amount of water to use?). Any other info on this would be appreciated as I am ready to go and clean out Walmart of thier candy canes on Monday. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    I've been reading a great deal on the forum, and I've seen where people us an f-pack (or f-pak) in the wine. I can't find anything in the tutorials about what one is or how to prepare. Would you mind explaining the f-pack either in a message back or in a new thread under tutorials? If there is one on the forum and I've missed it, I apologize. Greatly appreciate all of your and others words of wisdon concerning winemaking, directly and indirectly through the post I've seen.
    I picked up the book wild wines and meads. Haven't gotten to read it yet. Still finishing another. Looking for the pumpkin recipe for wine. Could you send it to me. Didn't see it under recipes either.
    Hope you're feeling better. I hope the thought of going to Runningwolf's didn't bring that on.
    I'm up for another meeting but our August is all full and most of September. I know we would be up for something in October.

    Still need to get some $$ in the mail for wings/rib offset. Will do this weekend.
    Julie I know you have been busy but was there another day put into motion for a get together with several of the tri-state folks. I wouldn't have a problem handling this one since you had the last get together. I'm sure we could find a decent day before the weather gets ugly.
    Julie after hearing about you doing another tropical blend I went out today and bought 30# of Blackberries (frozen) from GFS. I also bought 10 pounds of pearches to start my Peach Berry wine (strawberries).

    I'm going to try a different Lalvin yeast and I'll make these less alcohol by a percent or two.

    Grabbed a recipe off the forum today. Hope you and Mike got your well in. Who gets to shower first?

    Take Care
    Hi Julie. I wasn't around to greet you when you joined. I hope you are enjoying the site and your wine. It's always nice to have some more females on here! Lol.
    You have the same problem as I, never have a free 5 gal. carboy.

    FYI they are $25.00 at Premier Produce (strip district). I've bought several and I'm going to get more. Too much good wine to make.
    Julie, This is the best forum. We like to have fun and sometimes (often) get off track but its all because we are comfortable with each other. I have learned more from hear and also the "fine vine wines" site than wine press. Welcome aboard!
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