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  • I started a batch of wine the starting brix was 21.5 and now is 6.3 when is it ok to transfer to carboy. Does it need to be zero I'm new at this
    Grapeman, A few months ago I read a post that documented a small private vineyard crop planting from start to finish.... was this your post?
    Logged on to web site 2nd time today. Display format has changed - not impressed. Can't navigate like I used to. Can it be changed back?
    Just a thank you for the help, I'm trying to make good wine and haven't found the secret yet.
    Semper Fi
    The SG for the St. Pepin was 1.072 and the acid was .98. What was your SG & acid? I think that I was offered the grapes a little early. Most of them did not have that golden tinge to the grape. I have just started making grape wine from juice and local grapes so this is all new to me.
    Thanks for the heads up the other day about the emails, wish I would have found something to feel reassured over here. I ran those three scans and then ran Spybot and there is nothing to be found! Must or hope it was just a glitch that they were able to get in. Changed all my passwords and refreshed my router. Jeesh, 2 firewalls, spam checker and 2 securities running and they still sneak in!!!! I will never send a link via email so if you ever get one pm me on one of the forums before ever clicking on it!!!!! Even if your virus protection says it clean!!!
    I have a question that you might be able to answer for me I have some cuttings that I set out in a bed last year and I want to move them to a permenant spot this year is it to late to move these vines or can I still move them with no problems
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