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Happy to hear that you didn't pay for it. When I ran a store I tried to talk people out of buying them, because they are difficult to use, and unreliable. At least, that's my opinion.

That web page has a great write-up on the vinometer. Basically put some wine in the reservoir, let 2-3 drops come through, and turn the vinometer upside down (thus spilling the rest of the wine wherever). Now hold it to the light or whatever in a struggle to read the silly thing.

Btw, I read somewhere that it doesn't work if there is residual sugar in the wine. I found it hard enough to read with red wine, that I never tried white wine.

I've found it completely useless so far. It's messy, impossible to read and I'm glad I didn't pay for it.
Yea Steve I also agree.. Hard to read. You are also right it "must" be a dry wine.
Same for me. Bought one when I first started back in '07 and found out the same. Pain in the butt to use, hard to read and probably not even accurate. It resides in its box inside another box of unused items.
Yea Steve I also agree.. Hard to read. You are also right it "must" be a dry wine.
Gee Tom, I thought you'd tell us that my exercising the "Three P's" we would get it to work. :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, and I was once when I told my wife she was right and later found out I was the one that was right. Isn't the abv the only measurement the the dept of Weights and Measures the only measurement they allow an tolerance on?
My understanding there is very little if any on alcohol. Some states for instance you cannot be above 5% in Beer.
I never post on my label the alcohol %.. juct name and month bottled.
OK, now I understand what you mean and Tom , is right especially when you get near 15% as once above that they have a whole other tax bracket for that and really sock it to the vintner! :mny
I am on the other side of the fence on this - i found it very easy to use - add a little wine in it - turn it over - allow it to drip a few times - turn it over - and read the %.

Mine reads 0-25%.
Jon, have you ever really sat down and checked the numbers well cause I have found so many inconsistancies with mine that I threw it away. The higher the residual sugar the more it was off and i dont mean a finished sg of 1.015, I mean the difference between .996 - 1.000 If you use and like it thats great, this is what makes this hobby so great as everyone has and chooses their own way and style.
To be honest with you i haven't sat down and really examined to make sure how accurate it really is.

I guess i need to do that now :h

As far as ease of use - i thought it was really easy.
I didnt find it hard or all that messy IMO and heck i make a mess with everything I do! :)

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